Butter milk4 cups ..
Chana flour 3 tbsp
add 3 spoons of chana flour to the BUTTER milk,mix well,and keep it aside)
Tamarind paste 1 tbsp
Amaranth leaves..thotakuura washed well and chopped
we can prepare majjiga pulusu either with chopped vegetables or chopped thota kura,amaranth leave..procedure is the same.Here i did it with chopped thotakura..amaranth.
Salt as per taste
For Tampering:
Mustard seeds half spoon
Red mirchi 2 nos made into slits
Green mirchi 5 to 6 slits
Curry leaves and Kothimeer
Oil 2 spoons

For Ava Mixture:
Mustard seeds 1 spoon Red mirchi 1 no
Haldi a pinch
Salt a pinch

Place a vessel on the stove,and add oil,mustard seeds,lal mirch slits and green mirchi slits, after spluttering add half cup water and also Tamarind paste  to it.Then also add the chopped vegetables  or(chopped shanti.. thota kura)curry leaves to it.Let the vegetables or leafy vegetable be cooked by the water in a low flame upto 15 minutes.Then the  butter milk (besan powder mixed in the butter milk) should be added into the vessel ,and salt also should be added and cooked in low flame until it is done.
(Boil until the veg are cooked,it may take upto 20 mins ,as the stew is cooked in low fire)
Majjiga pulusu ,is to be kept in low flame and should be boiled. After boiling starts,let the vegetable or amaranth leafy vegetable to be cooked well till soft..Then add the AVA mixture in to the pulusu.Garnish with Kothimeer.
A variation of  kadis..