Plants from cuttings do take less time when compared to plants grown from seeds.Stem cuttings are suitable for a bonsai.The cuttings should be taken from healthy plants.The best time for cuttings are in the months of


Potting the cuttings:

Aclay pot with the draianage hole covered with a mesh,and the pot filled with soil and sand is ideal for planting.Place the cuttingsends diagnolly going in to the soil.No leaves are to be burried in to the soil.Cradax powder is also useful to enhance the root formation.Wter the cuttings with a rose can.Then the plant to be kept in a shade away from sunlight.After 10 days slowly expose to the morning sun. And slowly increase the exposure time.Ina month the cuttings start rooting.After 2 months apply manure to the plant.