Thursday, March 25, 2010



Everybody knows that it is a must to drink atleast 8 glasses of water daily.But some people doesnt know what happensif sufficient water is
not taken per day.Some people dontcare to drink sufficient amount of water.
1.Daily by drinking atleast 8 glasses of water,the moisture in the skin will be retained,the skin will be soft.Or else the skin loses moisture
becoming dry,n the shining of the skin disappears.The skin will get wrinkles,giving an agy look.
2.In order to make the kidneys function normally minimum 8 glasses of water are necessary.
3.The water we drink makes the digestive system to work accurately,by throwing the toxins out.If sufficient water is not taken all the toxins in the body will be remained which is the rootcause to start health disorders.
4.The symptoms of the people who doesnt drink sufficient waterare,they look,dull,tired,and frequent sufferings from headaches,stress,anxiety and irritability.

Atleast take 4 glasses after waking up in the morning,and in the eve time to dinner time another 4 glasses.s:

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