When we go to a Prty,had a nice feast & when the stomach is heavy then try these tips.
Mix a pinch of eating Soda,to a glass of water, have it.Immediately within minutes of time there will be relief.
Mix a pinch of Salt in Lime juice and drink it.
Mix  a pinch of Saunf,cumin seeds(jeera),Salt in a glass of water n drink it.
Eat Saunf available in the market,half an hour before the meals.The digestion will be easy.

These symptoms appear to the people who eat food fastly without proper munching as the air goes in to
the stomach and bloats.When we eat slowly such problem wont arise.The carbohydrated foods, cool
drinks, and chewing gums also increase this trouble.So,the people suffering from digestive problems  can reduce them or stop them.