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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ingredients: Anapakaya mukkalu 1 inch sized-8 pieces
Vankaya mukkalu 6 pieces
Mulakkada mukkalu-2 inch size lo 8 pieces

Bendakaya mukkalu 1 inch pieces 8 nos
Green chillies -6 nos(made intopieces)
Sugar or bellam 3 spoons
Tamarind juice(made out of a big sized lemon)
Salt to taste
Curry leaves
Corriander leaves
Seasoning: 2 spoons oil,
Half a sp mustard seeds,
A pinch of fenugreek seeds,
A pinch of asaefoetida,
2 Red chillies made into pieces
Place all the vegetable pieces with green chillies,seasoning in a bowl.Add tamarind juice prepared by 4 glasses of water.Add sugar and also seasoning to the mixture,let it boil in a slow flame until the veg pieces are cooked.It may take more than half an hour on gasstove.Add  curry leaves and also corriander leaves.
Then add 2 spoons of rice flour to three fourth cup of water,stir well and pour it in to the bowl.Let it boil,it
thickens after boiling for 10 mins.switch it off.Then garnish with curry leaves and corriander leaves.Place the
lid,the fragrance will not beavoporated.
According to individual tastes you may add or decrease the salt or chillies or sugar.It will be very tasty with rice ..


  1. My husband loves mukkala pulusu very much. Thank you for posting it. will make it sure...


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