Now a days every body is health conscious,and majority of the people

reduced the intake of the sugar.But here are some bitter facts to know

for sugar lovers.

1.By eating sweets along with meals,the digestive power will be lightly reduced.As it becomes heavy,a person cannot consume the food which he

takes daily.

2.Teeth decay is caused by sweets only.

3.When we eat sugar the Adrenalin level raises from 2 to 10 times,which

is not good for health.

4.When we eat sweets,everytime we eat the bodies requirement mineral

chromium is washed out in the form of urine.In a persons digestive system this mineral plays an important role.

5.Once we are addicted to sugar(sweets),this addiction is more difficult to get rid off,than liquor addiction.

6.If one cannot reduce sugar,take sugar only weekly once.Atleast reduce the quantity of sugar intake per day.

7.Last but not the least,everytime while eating sweets,wash mouth thoroughly or brush it clean.

In this way,how far we move from sugar,the longetivity of life will