Friday, March 26, 2010


Diabetics COMPULSORILY should take MEDICINES,as prescribed by the doctor.But they should be careful not only with food ,but also the timings of the food.
1.Diabetics,should compulsorily have a breakfast.Some people instead of having breakfast,skip it,and have full meals 2 times a day.There will be many side effects by taking large quantities of food at a time.
Diabetics should have their foodmany times ,in SMALL quantites,in 3 to 4 hrs intervels of time.(calories should be in limited quantities,as prescribed by a dietician).
2.Include Daal with Leafy Vegetables,especially Daal made with Methi(menthi kura).Include curries which are boiled and requires less oil for seasoning.So that a person can have more curry and less Rice.
3.Daily make it a habbit to WALK.Atleast half an hour in the morn,and another half an hour in the eve.Slowly increase the span of walking time if you can do it.
4.We can do YOGA,also.We can see them in TV, in the morn.
Always by continuing the medication,and doctore tests at periodical intervels,controlling food,by eating more
times in small small quantities,instead of 2 large meals,& by walking, yoga a person can easily cope up with diabeties.

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