Monday, April 12, 2010



Olive oil is also a part to enhance the good looks of the body.
* To prevent SUNTAN, mix Olive oil 1 spoon with Lime juice in 1:1 ratio,apply before bath.
*For a Dry skin,soak cotton wool in warm Olive oil and apply to the face.Let it remain for more than 1 hour,and then wipe off the face with a soft cloth.Don't wash,  let it remain for a whole night .Then next day morn wash with like warm water.
*Daily before bath apply a few drops of Olive oil lightly to the body,then have bath.
*Or else daily add a few drops of Olive oil to  the water you bathe,this also helps a lot.
*In cold weather  prevent the skin from cold  by mixing a spoon of either olive oil or castor oil with half
spoon of rose water or even ordinary water.Apply to the face in the night and remove next morning..
*Prepare Anti Wrinkle Cream by mixing a teaspoonful of Olive oil and an Egg.Apply to the neck and the face with it and let it remain till the Skin gets dry.Then wash with luke warm water.

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