A general favourite of every one, Bhendi fry,can be made with very less Oil,as per permitted Health conditions now a days.But it tastes like a Curry when you prepare it covering with a lid.
 Bhendi 2 cups
The Bhendi should be washed well, then let it dry for an hour on the cloth.After drying chop it in to pieces,after taking off  small portions from the 2 ends.
Oil to Fry
Onions 1 large
Chopped into small pieces
Dry red chillie powder 1 spoon
Table Salt half a spoon

Place a Pan on the Stove,add 2 tsp Oil to it.After hating add Chopped  Bhendi pieces to it and fry in a med flame with a covering lid,so due to water vapour the Bhendi pieces will be tender and soft.After 5 mins,add Onion pieces,mix well and again cover with a lid.Like wise do it until cooked.Lastly sprinkle Table Salt and Chilli powder and remove from Fire after mixing well.
The stove flame should be low to med ,to get better results without turning to black.Very Ideal with Rice and Chappathis.