Dondakaya(Gherkins)slits-4 cups
Oil 4 to 5 tsp
Salt to taste
Red chillie powder 2 to 3 spoons
Dondakaya ,washed thoroughly, and remove the 2 ends in small portions,and make  slits.
Place a Pan on the Stove and add Oil to it.After heating,add Dondakaya slits and fry in a medium flame ,covering the pan with a lid.Add Salt(table salt).Due to the water vapour formed by placing the lid on,the slits will be fried in a med flame well without turning black.After the slits are tender and fried well,add Red chillie powder and switch off the stove.Serve hot.

Next method:
The other way to make fry is,make onion pieces(half cup) in to a paste,grind without water. Then add to the Dondakaya fry,after the chopped Dondakaya slits are HALF FRIED (after the slits are fried in a med flamefor 10 mins,then add the Onion mixture to the Fry and saute well.It takes some more extra mins to cook. After its well fried add Salt and Chillie powder.
This variety will be a bit Heavy,just like a Curry