1.While cooking Leafy Vegetables,add a spoon of Sugar, or a pinch of Salt alongwith  a few drops of Lime juice,to retain the green colour of the Leafy veg.
2.While cooking Cabbage ,add a piece of Ginger while  cooking,to avoid the smell.
3.Battani should be soaked in water for 8 hours ,to get the vitamins,and the nutrients,in it to be multiplied.We get 2 times more nutrition from them by soaking for 8 hrs.
4.Place a few Rice grains in Salt.It absorbs the Moisture in the Salt & remains Dry.
5.Pour the Water used for washing Rice ,Daals and also the Water used for boiling Vegetables in the plants we grow in our homes,especially (karvepaku) Curry leaves plant.
6.While wet grinding for Idli Batter  in a mixie,add Ice water slowly in less quantities, the Idli batter will be fluffy , and Idlis come smoother.
7.To prevent  Rice from becoming a Paste,add a few drops of Lime juice to the Rice before cooking.
8.Another Remedy to get soft Idlis is add Rice Flakes while grinding the Idli Batter.
9.To get a Thicker Soup,add 2 spoons of Milk Cream to the soup after removing from Heat.It will be Tasty too.
10.The double the Candle Light while the Power Cut,place the Lighting Candle before the Mirror.