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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Maamidi kaya Pappu:(with tur daal)
Maamidikaya (raw mango)(made in to slits)1 cup
Tur daal(kandi pappu) 2 cups
Green chillies 6 to 7
Red chillies 3 nos
Curry Leaves
Hing or Garlic
Mustard seeds half spoon
Oil 2 spoons
Haldi a pinch
Salt to taste
Method:Wash and Pressure cook Turdaal ,mash it and keep aside
Place a Kadai add Oil to it.After its heated add all the seasoning materials Mustard seeds,Red & Green chillie slits ,Hing or Garlic paste,and Curry leaves,saute it.Then add Raw Mango made into slits and water .Let it boil.Then after it is cooked, add the pressure cooked Daal, mix them according to your taste,  mash it and lastly add Salt .
According to individual taste the Mango mixture and cooked Daal can be added along with salt.A good
combination is with friedVadiyams and Majjiga Mirapakayalu

Mamidikaya pappu (with moong daal)
Pesarara pappu mamidikaya:
Procedure same as above but instead of tur dal we use moong dal.

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