Being brought up in a telugu orthodox brahmin family,with receipes and currys
of no -garlic ..and stepped in to the  same orthodox background ,even in the home of in-laws,majority of my dishes and currys  donot  have garlic as such..
But in due course of time by friends and staying at hotels among tours,and visiting restaurants,TV relayed cookery shows,and as such,i slowly cultivated the habbit of using both onion and less garlic..But in my household still for this day, i use ginger onion paste instead of ginger garlic.
No Onion and No Garlic Dishes are encouraged by Sri Vaishnavas,Iyengars,Iyers and others who perform Vrath and Pujas ,wont  have Garlic and Onion on the particular Day.
So we can include all Frys and curries that donot have Garlic and Onion.I think atleast some people can follow them.
Here i will give the receipes which donot have onion garlic from my receipe menu..
Guthhi vankaya kura is a famous andhra dish,which comes under this category..
For Seasoning:
Oil 2 table spoons
Brinjals are elastic by Nature,they absorb all the Oil you pour,so beware in using more Oil.
Red chillies 5 to 6 nos
Bengal Gram Daal 1 tsp
Urad Daal 2 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Hing a pinch
Brinjals 250 gms
Salt to taste
Method:Wash the Brinjals thoroughly.Chop the Brinjals, into 4 quarters leaving one edge still intact.Take care not to cut into 4 slits quarters.
Place a Pan,on the Stove.Add half spoon Oil then add all the ingrediants (Bengal gram,Urad daal,Red chillies,Jeera ,and Hing ,one by one)fry them and keep them aside.After cooling,grind the Seasoning into a paste(a bit coarse) by adding the Water,and lastly add Salt.
Stuff the curry paste,into the slits of the Brinjal.Place a Kadai on the Stove,add 2 spoons Oil.After heating
add the Stuffed Brinjals ,pour a cup of water and keep the lid covered ,cook in a low flame.
The water will be evaporated soon while cooking,so take care to observe the curry quite often.Add less water and cook until it is done.It will take more than 30 mins to cook.After Tender and Soft , Switch Off the Stove and remove in to a Serving Bowl.
Very Tasty Andhra Guthhi Vankaya Kura is ready.Its very Ideal with Rice and Rotis.