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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Moong daal 1 cup
Salt to Taste
(Green in colour,Pottu pesara pappu)
Just wash it in Water for 5 to 6 times,and  wet grind it  by adding water in less quantitiesand more times.It should be grinded to a smooth paste.Some people prefer for a little coarsely grinded one.But on the whole,a little more water is required for this pesarattu,than the pesarattu made with  soaked moong daal. Add 1 inch Ginger piece(made in to slits) and 4 to 5 Green chillies and add Salt and Grind it like Dosa batter.The consistancy of the Moongdal batter will be somewhat thick
Oil for Shallo Frying
Green chilly2 nos Chopped into small pieces
Ginger 1/2 inch  chopped into small pieces
Onion 1 med size chopped into small pieces
Jeera 2 to 3 tsps

Heat a Tava,on the Stove.Let it heat,after heating ,spread 1 spoon oil on the Tava.Add 2 tbsps Pesara batter and spread it on the Tavva as a Dosa,add 1 tsp Oil.Sprinkle a few chopped Ginger and Green chilli and onion pieces and Jeera on the Pesarattu. Remove after its fried to light brown colour.
Serve hot in a plate.
Somepeople eat it with chutneys,and some people eat it with  a combination of Upma.


  1. Nice ...

    Do we have to soak the dal or grind it instantly?

  2. If u r doing with whole moong dal then soak it for 4 to 6 hours.If u r doing with split moongdal then 1 hour is enough.You can also wet grind the whole and split daal,immediately after washing them, but more water is required..Health wise the third is best,even if you eat,one or two more no problem arises.


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