This is a variety we use the seasoning of pulihora so its called pulihora avakai.
A simple chutney which can be prepared by 2 to 3 mangoes.

Raw mango pieces(peeled and Chopped into small slits) 3 cups
Oil 1/4 th cup
Red chilli powder 3/4cup
Mustard powder 3/4 cup
Dry grind 1 cup mustard seeds in a grinder ,seive it again dry grind them.Even if the mustard powder is a little coarse enough, no problem.
One day before preparing pulihora avakai,place mustard powder in  a dry bowl,and pour piping hot boiled water 1/2 cup in to the mustard powder and mix well.Then place the bowl with mustard powder and water in the sun for a few hours until the powder mixture is dried completely.For every one hour mix the powder well with a dry spoon.This makes the water to dry soon.
Salt 1/2 cup
Now a days Salt is iodized so very less amount of salt is to be added,or else taste it.

For seasoning:
Oil 1 cup
2 tsp Bengal gram daal
2 tsp Urad daal
2 to 3 nos Red chilli slits
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1/2 tsp Methi seeds
Curry leaves (washed well and dried )
Take peeled and chopped mango slits in a small bowl.
Then mix with the dried mustard powder,dry chilli powder and salt well thoroughly.
Add oil to it and keep aside in a bottle.Let it settle for 3 days.
On 4th day morning,place a pan on the stove add 1 cup oil to it.
Next add bengal gram,urad daal,redchilli slits,mustard seeds,methi seeds,hing and after frying them
lastly add curry leaves.
Place the prepared mango pickle in a bowl,and add the prepared seasoning to it.
Place the lid immediately.
After 10 mins remove the lid and mix the pickle thoroughly well with oil and seasoning.
Let it settle,for a week days outside,then store in a fridge.In India we keep them outside only,they remain normally,until unless there is shortage of salt and oil.But in other countries due to climatic conditions and centralized A/C we cant give guarantee.
Can be stored in a fridge for a month or two.
Very tasty with rotis and rice.
There will be more mango slits when compared to  the powder.
Due to the heavy seasoning as we use for pulihora this pickle is called pulihora avakai,