Regularise your Eating Habbits:

Some People take 70 percent of the total Food,from morning to afternoon 2 pm. And the balance of 30 percent before 8 pm in the night.And sleep @ 9.30 to 10 pm.
This is a very good habbit and increases the Longetivity of the Life.
Where as for some people its quite opposite.They wake up late in the morning,and due to their Busy Schedule every thing will be fast,the Breakfast, Lunch etc.Due to lack of time they eat very less quantities ,and in the nights they have a Heavy Dinner and go to Sleep.That is they eat only 30 percent of the food in the morn and afternoon Lunch. And the remaining amount of Intake 70 percent in the Eve and in the Night.
The HumanBodies Metabolism rate wii be more in the Morn, and it decreases till Evening.The food we take in the Morn turns in to Energy, making us more Active and Energetic.Since Afternoon the metabollic rate will be decreased ,therefore the Calorie Intake will be deposited in the form of Fats,Cholestrol ,Obesity which leads to several Health problems that Shortens the Life Span.
The Breakfast should be Heavy, the Lunch should be Normal,the Dinner should be Less. There is a Proverb in Indian Culture, Eat Breakfast as a Prince(Pampered), the Lunch should be like a King (Normal), and the Dinner should be like a Beggar(Minimum). This policy is to be followed.
Morning have a Heavy Nutritous Breakfast,  and also have a Nice Lunch in the Afternoon, and the Nights Dinner should be only less than One fourth of the Morning Breakfast.
It is said by our Gurus,Elders and Ancestors and Yoga Masters, to have more than 70 percent of the total food we consume should be done before 2 Pm. The rest before 8 Pm.And not to sleep immediately after the Dinner.This Habbit of Living increases the Quality of the Life.
Totally one has to take 50 percent of the capacity of the Stomach with Food,20 percent  with Water,30 percent with Air.HATS OFF to the Gurus ,Yoga Masters,and our Elders for the Advice they have given us.


  1. kanthi garoo..this is a fact which most of us ignore...I too follow this eating rule very is one key for good health


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