Dondakaya -250 gms
(wash Dondakaya ,remove a little bit of both the ends,and make into 4 slits vertically with one end of Veg intact)
Oil moderate usage aas per your choice
I use easily 4 to 5 tsp
Onion pieces 1 cup

For Powder:
Bengal Gram 2 tsp
Fenugrik Seeds(Menthulu)a pinch
Red chillies 2 to 3 nos(add 1 to 2  more for spicyness)
Hing a pinch
First of all, half boil or half fry the Dondakaya and keep it aside.Or else half cook for a few min in Microwave.
Then place a Pan on the stove add one tea spoon oil ,then add Bengal Gram Daal,Menthulu,Red chillies and Hing and fry till brown.Now add Onion pieces to it and Grind into a paste(coarse, and not a smooth  paste)
along with Salt.
Now place a Kadai on the Stove add  Oil to it,then cook the Onion and Bengal Gram Daal  mixture(saute
it ) add half cooked Dondakaya and let it be cooked in a Med flame.Once in a while turn the curry upside down,or else it will turn black(kura madi pothundhi kanuka madhyalo kaluputhu undandi) Remove after it is cooked.Its a heavy dish and a bit late to be digested.
Serve hot.Its a variety curry some what Spongy.