Sunday, April 18, 2010


This we used to call as Vankaya Banda Pachhadi or Vankaya Roti Pachhadi ,As instead of grinding the chutney in Electric Blenders our mothers   used to grind the chutney in a grinding stone with hand unlike us using all electricgadgets,in those days.And there is a tremendrous change in the taste of hand made and electric ones.
Vankayalu-1 to 2 Large Size
Microwave the Brinjalswith the skin for 20 -30 mins in a Microwave.(Or else it can be roasted with its skin on the top of a stove. Let it cool,then peel of the skin and mash it well, and keep aside )
Tamarind paste 2 spoons or a Lime sized Tamarind.
Corriander Leaves
2 spoons Mustard Seeds,
Half spoon Methi seeds
Red chillies 1to 2 nos
Green chillies or ripened Green chillies6 to 7
(according to taste)
Urad Daal 1 spoon(optional)
Hing a pinch
Haldi a pinch
Place a pan on the Stove,add 2 tsp Oil and add Urad daal,Mustard seeds,Methi seeds,Red chillies etc. and after the seasoning splutters add green chillie slits and switch off the stove.
In a blender place Tamarind paste and the Seasoning and grind it coarsely,lastly add the mashed Brinjal pulp,Kothmeer and Salt grind it for a few seconds of time.The Chutney should be coarse enough to eat and not a Paste form.
Can be used as Side dish, with Rice and even Chhapathis.

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