Sunday, April 4, 2010



Sliced Beet Root-1/2 cup
Sliced Carrot -1/2  cup
Sliced Kheera-1/2 cup
Sliced Anapakaya-1/2 cup
(Bottle Gourd)
Sliced Tomato-1 cup
Sliced Beerakaya-1/2 cup
Pudina 4 Leaves
Honey-2 to 3 spoons
Lime Juice-1 to 2 spoons

This is a Very Healthy Juice .Grind all these vegetables  in to a Juice. Strain the Pulp.Then add Lime Juice and Honey. (Strain the Juice and drink it,as it will be  heavy,if drink with the pulp and not easily digestible)

This is a Healthy Vegetable Drink usually recommended by our Yoga Gurus,especially by Baba Ram DevJi and our Dr.Manthena Raju garu.

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