Tuesday, May 25, 2010



  • When the relations between your family members are not good,place a light cream colour flower vase filled with cream or yellow colour plastic flowers in the south west  (nairuthi mula)corner of the house. Atremendrous change in the relations of your family members will be seen.
  • Place a plant or tree of orange,or atleast a neem tree, in the south east corner (agneya mula)of the house.When the tree starts fruiting oranges and lime it will bring luck for your family.If you do not have the patience to wait until the tree grows up,place a plastic tree of oranges or lime tree full of lemons.
  • If you have grown up boys or girls in the home,and when their marriage is a problem to you, or when you are expecting decent alliances,place a brightly coloured  toy of lovebirds,in your childs room.The marriage problem will be solved.
  • The northwest corner of your house, i.e. vayavya mula ,this place belongs to the house owner.In this corner of your room,place a crystal bowl or white glass bowl,fully filled with copper coins along with rupee coins,in a place which cannot be seen by outsiders.The owner of the house will succeed in his work or say in his life.
  • Make it a habbit ,that all of your family members will dine together atleast once in a day.
  • In the south east corner(agneya mula) of your home,or in your living room,paste a sticker or a big photo  of green trees(filled with green trees with a big NO to hills and stones. Your family will improve a lot financially.But WATER  should not be  seen in this poster or sticker or photo.
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