It is a good hair oil,promotes growth,and hair loss.
Aloevera pulp 250 gms
coconut oil 250 gms
(same quantity)
Mix the two materials,place on a stove and boil on a low flame.
Stir occasionally ,the medicinal qualities in the aloevera mixes with the oil,and the waterin the juice will be evaporated .
Add maruvam and davanam in the oil,before 10 mins of switching off the stove.
The maruvam and davanam should not turn to black(etti paristhuthulalo kuda maruvam ,davanam maadipokudadhu).
Let it cool, and store it.

Obesity thaggadaaniki: Yelchuri vari TIP
1 glass lukewarm water lo,one spoon thriphala churnam vesi,1 spoon honey vesi kalipi thagali.
First lo morn 1 spoon thagali,tharvatha kramam ga morn and eve kuda thagavachhu.

Face lo manchi kanthiki andaniki:
Pachhi pasupu kommulu(danchi muddhha chesi battalo vesi pindina rasam) koncham
Nalla nuvvulu(konchanm neyyi vesi doraga veyinchi endabetti powder chesi store it.)
Rasam lo powder ni kalipi apply it.weekly twice or thrice.Face lo manchi glow vasthundhi.
Tip:Pachi pasupu kommulu fridge lo store chesukondi cover lo.Ae roju ka roju koncham aragadeesi daanilo store chesi unchukunna nuvvula podi koncham  kalipi apply cheyyandi.
Pandit Yelchuri varu
Andariki Arogyam
Z  Telugu TV channel
7-30 AM


  1. I will follow up to your step.
    Thank you for great post.


  2. Besides using the oil,take nutritous protein rich diet for hair loss..


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