• In india atleast upto 75% vaasthu is followed,relating to bathrooms,but in other places zero% is followed regarding bathrooms.
  • So atleast we can minimise the effects by following fengshui in bathrooms.
  • According to fengshui----water is related to wealth.
  • So even tips related to bathroom is considered as effective and followed.
  • All taps and pipes are to be checked thoroughly----coz the water should not leak from them,and to be repaired if any leakages are there.
  • If water is wasted through leakages ,it is to be considered to be health and wealth upset.
  • The bathrooms and toilets in cities due to lack of proper light & ventilation are dark-----Place a green colour zero candle bulb in bathrooms and let the bulb be switch on all the 24 hours.
  • Place the dust bin in the bathrooms in the corner----see that it has a lid on  it,and it should be closed always.
  • See that the toilet seat is not quite opposite to the bathroom door----But if it is there,place a crystal ball or hang a windchime near the bathroom door.
  • Bathroom should not be placed in north part of the house------but if it is there --keep the western toilet seat closed after usage,and hang a windchime ,place a crystal ball near the door.
  • The bathroom should not be opposite to the main entrance---but if it is there,place 2 flower plants on both the sides of the inside  entrance.Atleast plastic flower plants can be kept.
  • Weekly atleast wash the bathroom with salt water.
  • If the bathroom door is quite opposite  to the bed----then see that the bathroom door will be closed with automatic door.Place a bowl with salt water in the bathroom window.Every week change the salt water,throw water  in the toilet ,and replace new water with salt.Salt  removes the negativity.
  • Place a room freshner especially lavender fragrance inside the bathroom.
  • Remove the clutter such as half broken mugs and buckets, used shampoo sachets,old tooth brushes and tooth paste tubes.
By following such tips we can minimise the effects if any.
  • After taking headbath clean the shikakai or kunkudukaya leftovers,and empty shampoo sachets,which block the water in the bathrooms.
  • Place  the clothes which are to be washed in a box to avoid cockroaches,or wash them regularly but do not let them remain in bathrooms.
  • Use acid or bleaching powder for washing the tiles in the bathroom atleast once in a month,if the tiles are light in colour.Wash them regularly with soap water before bath.
  • Now a days we have attached bathrooms,so special care to be taken in using phenoil which give a good fragrance.
  • Keep the wash basins etcclean by washing them  with bleaching powder  ,and showers,pipes etc fittings should be cleaned by rubbing with a kerosene cloth.The kerosene smell will vanish within an hour.
  • Use salt and kerosen to the water you use in washing the bathrooms.   


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