Beauty-a wonderful word which every body craves for.In each and every segment of the life a human craves for and tries to be goodlooking with his/her  dress,appearance and behaviour etc .And each age group has its own problems regarding beauty.Here the beauty to maintain for a child by her mother is my topic,.Afew tips that every mother should go through to make her daughter a future MONALISA.
  • In the child hood ,the question of beauty ,it will start by  learning personal hygiene,and how to look sweet , decent,chubby and bubbly..
  • At the age of teens,the beauty urge starts in the girls,and starts noticing the look of appreciation in others eyes towards her.
  • Then after that,Young women more than 20 years,middle aged women should understand the law of nature and its demands,according to their age groups and do maintain the beauty care like wise and Grow up with beauty:
  • As soon as a baby girl is born,the mother starts her pampering with varieties of nice clothes as toddlers.
  • Then regarding bath the mothers start massaging with oils,butter and giving them a herbal hair bath with bath powders.
  • Surely a mother has to start the beauty regime of her daughter from her child hood as the foundation is to be laid in the childhood itself.
  • The good looks depend on the type of food a child is given to eat.An adequate diet full of nutrition obtain the necessary elements of growth,such as all vitamins,calicium,minerals and carbs etc.So as a cautious mother who is interested in her child,should see that every food that is good for her is included in her food.
  • But see that you are not pampering her with sweets,starchy and fatty foods.
  • But when your children like sweets,give them home made sweets made with honey rather than sugar.
  • Give her fresh fruit juices,raithas instead of colas.And keep a competition among you and your child saying that who drinks first will be the winner,there by developing a competition spirit in her.
  • Give her a training by joining in the classes of dancing,swimming and yoga as this gives a good posture .
  • Next comes the heredity which provides the colour ,the basic bone structure and the texture of the hair.
  • But majority of the beauty lies in careful nurturing ,diet and exercise.
  • Children  do have a tender skin and soft hair which needs cleansing with a mild shampoo regularly.
  • Rub fresh cows milk in to her/his hair roots 15 min before giving hair bath.
  • If the hair is too curly add a little hair oil and plait them daily.
  • Apply hair oil/olive oil/castor oil before head bath and wash after one hour.
  • Children get lice in the hair,from other children though how carefully you maintain.Lice may arise many skin irritations and skin sores.
  • Give bath with a medicated shampoo,and quite often comb the hair and remove lice and nits.
  • Mix a little camphor and coconut oil, and make partings along the hair and apply camphor oil with the finger tips.After applying the whole scalp with camphor oil, tie the head with a piece of cloth and let it remain the whole night.The next day morning give her a head bath.Repeat this treatment every month till she is in school,if she is to be free from lice.
  • Donot allow the child remain to be with greasy hair, coz they dont look their best in oily hair.Every time before bath apply oil ,and dont after bathing.
  • Trim hair once in two to three months,and split ends are to be cut.
  • Do not tie up in a tight pony tail, coz the hair falls and breaks after some time.
  • They should be allowed to play and walk around without slippers for sometime daily,as this firms the muscles and bones of the feet strong. 
  • When just the child is about to walk or just started walking, the shoes should be soft and flexible.
  • Regarding the teeth teach your small child to brush or wash the teeth after every meal.Make her wash  her mouth after she eats sweets,so that the sugar in her mouth wont decay the teeth.She should be trained to rinse her mouth with water,where ever and whenever she eats anything.
  • Show  her to a dentist if the teeth are not in a order,and not straight.
  • Allow her to join and mingle with  her co- friends,giving speeches and stage shows in the schools,so that she will be habituated to move in the society freely in the near by future.
  • Not only physical beauty ,but the posture ,behaviour and the mental beauty,lending a hand to those in need will also counts in the beauty.And this should be made a part and parcel of the life from childhood which add points generously,to the physical beauty. 
  • By giving her the extra care and attention from her childhood the child will be grown up with a self discipline,in to a gorgeous young lady  with confidance ,like a lady in Raja ravivarmas paintings.
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