By following a few tips in fengshui,a tremendrous differance is seen in the home.
  • A big photo of your total family members beautifully laminated ,should be hanged in the main hall or living room,on the south west corner wall,which we call as Nairuthi mula.See the difference in the unity of your family members.
  • A big   photo,of the couple, should be hanged on the southwest corner wall of their bedroom.If till now there is no such thing then immediately hang a lovely picture of the wife and husband,on the corner of south west wall.The intimacy of the couple will improve.
  • Hide the brooms and broom sticks in the day in some where corners.But do not place them in dining room or kitchen.
  • But in the nights to avoid the evil powers not to enter your home,place a broom stick(cheepuru) inside of the main gate,upside down..But do not forget to remove it in the morning.
  • To remove the negative energies from the home use salt crystals while wet clothing the house.
  • Remove the wall clocks which are not working,either give them for repair or replace them for new.
  • Occassionally after bath,lit the dhoop stick say sambrani dhoopam in you home.
  • Hear or switch on the shehnai or instrumental music(even dolu sannai)music in your taperecorder,in a low voice.
  • Daily lit deepam in your puja room with cowghee
  • In the dining hall, living room  etc use room freshners or sweet scented agarbathhis.
  • Never let the water pumps leak in the house,immediately let them be repaired.
  • Plant which is evergreen should be grown in south east (agneyam)corner of the house.Water it daily .
These are a few tips of fengshui,which can be followed for good results.
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