In these days busy life majority of the people are becoming the victims of High BPdue to stress and anxiety.
To lessen the ill effects of the high BP try any few of these methods,in order to stay healthy.
  • The High BP suferrers should not neglect to take rest, and adequate sleep.
  • Try to practise yoga,pranayam and meditations.
  • Take in adequate amount of garlic with food compulsorily or else have garlic pill every alternative day.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of amla powder with one spoon of honey,and have it.
  • Daily morning have a tsp of lime juice and honey mixture with water.
  • Soak 1 tsp of methi seeds in 1/4 th cup of curds in the night,and have it next day morning.
  • Daily eat atleast one to two bananas in the morning.But watch out if you are obese,try another.
  • Daily morning walk for 15 minutes in the grass without slippers.
  • Daily have onion neither as a salaad,nor in curries or curd rice.
  • Daily have raw papaya for morn breakfast as a salaad.
  • For all the 365 days of a year if one can have a orange along with a breakfast then it will helpto reduce the BP problem.
  • Daily morn have a glass of carrot juice,and in the eve have a glass of palak leafy veg juice.
  • Try to eliminate coffee completely,if u cant stay then have a light tea daily.Green tea is the best.
  • Daily do exercise atleast for 30 min.
  • Stay away from pickles ,and lessen salt and oil in your food to a large extent.
  • Practice stress relaxing techniques daily.
Like wise try a few 2 to 3  techniques which are suitable to you.The high BP will be under control along with your doctors prescribed medicines.

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