• The door frames,doors , window frames and window glasses should be cleaned first with a cloth.Lastly wipe off with a paper.
  • The house plants should be watered in the early morning,or in the evenings after 5 pm.In summer water them in the evenings,and give a light shower in the mornings.
  •  The fridge, safety lockers and iron safes are to be cleaned first with a wet cloth dipped in soap water,then wipe off with a dry napkin for sparkling shine.
  • When  ink,coffee and tea spills on the door or window curatains and stains are formed,  then first dip them in coldwater.Then wash with detergent powders.
  • When cleaning hair brushes or combs,add a few drops of anti dandruff shampoo to the water,and soak the combs in them.Then wash them.
  • To maintain the silk sarees shining as new,mash the boiled aloo in to a paste,add in water and soak the sarees in them,and wash.
  • The clothes should be dried in shade coz the colour  may get dull in sunshine.
  • First soak the clothes to be washed in a bucket of water.Then only dip them in soap water and wash them.
  • Silk clothes and shirts ,are to be dried by drying them inside out.
  • To maintain a neat bathroom,keep air freshners.Also keep a cotton wool dipped in phenoil or any cologne.
  • When the bottles are turned dirty from inside the bottle,pour aloo boiled water along with aloo peel in to the bottle and wash them.
  • The tiles and floor in the bathrooms are to be washed with water to which a spoon of kerosene is added .The tiles will be shining.