MAHAPARIMALA LEPANAM(For body and hair before bath)

This preperation of maha parimala lepanam is telecasted in z telugu tv,by yelchuri .
Cardamoms powder -50 gms
To be powdered.
Vattivella churnam-50 gms
To be made in to small pieces,and powdered.
Biryani aku podi -50 gms
To be dried and powdered.
Jattamamsi powder-50 gms
Thunga gaddala powder -50 gms
Gandha kachhuralu powder -  50 gms
Naga kesarala powder -50 gms
Mix all the powders, add required rose water and make in to a paste in a grinder or blender.
{Apply the paste as henna to the over all hair, and also apply to the hair and have headbath after 1 hour.

The obesity or body fat will be reduced a little.
Skin diseases will be disappeared.
Body odour will be vanished.