Monday, May 24, 2010


This dish Sarvapindi,is a famous Telangana dish.I learnt it from my friends.
Rice flour-2 cups
Bobbarlu (boiled)-1/2 cup
called as blackeyed peas in english
Green chillie paste-2 spoons
Chopped onions-1/2 cup
Ginger paste 1 spoon(here i used only ginger )
or ginger garlic paste
(optional for those who dont use garlic much)
Curry leaves a few
Corriander leaves a few chopped
Sesame ( pachhi nuvvulu)2 spoons
Mix all these materials with water.
Mix the flour as chhapathi flour.
Make in to 4 to 5no.round a sweet lime sized  balls.
Place a flat thick bottomed pan on the stove,add 2 spoons oil ,and place
 a ball of flour and spread thickly along the edge of the pan directly with hand.
It has to be  be thick and even in all sides.
Make 4 holes in the middle ,and add oil atleast 1 spoon ,and let it cook
in medium flame.
Place a lid on the pan and let it cook in low flame until it is cooked.
Ideal to eat this with thick curd or yoghurt.
Serve hot.

My friend B.Lakshmi.M of Khammam

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