• Sunlight is an important source to live, to the living beings.
  • Daily a person should be exposed atleast for half an hour to the sunlight to remain healthy.
  • Persons who stay in a/c rooms,and a/c cars and a/c offices,and who lives in the artificial lights and bulbs all the whole day long ,generally feel mentally depressed.
  • The countries of northern region which doesnt have full sunlight,when compared to other places in the country,and other countries,will be naturally lightly depressive,and even the digestion will be poor,and its proved by research.
  • It is proved that light influences much on the mental condition of a human body.
  • Sunlight influences the pituatary gland,there by activating it.
  • Pituatary gland ,a master gland in human when it is activated ,the whole body turns active.
  • Even in zoos,wild animals,birds etc are active and they take  food normally and be active,,when the cages they live in are exposed to natural sunlight.  
  • It is observed even in poultry farms ,the production of eggs increase in nos,when there is natural light .
  • The children who are hyper active behave normally when exposed to normal sunlight.
  • Therfore its proved that light plays an important role in the moods and behaviour of the living beings.
  • Atleast by sitting under a tree or a umbrella,its no matter,see that atleast for  1/2 an hour your body is exposed tonatural light.
  • Daily remove all the doors and curtains of your house to invite the sunlight atleast for an hour.
  • Atleast at the time of sun rise and sun set expose yourself to natural sunlight .
  • For obese:it is a good information.You will eat less when you eat in dim light.
  • And lastly for students who study at nights and in offices who work at late eves ,the room should be lightened more.If its possible switch on 2 tubelights more and work.Your  will work very actively.
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