A few tips which make a teenage a beautiful age.
  • Teenage beauty-a special rewarding word for teenage girls.Beauty at teenage is a problamatic age,coping both with under and over active glands causing various skin problems like acne,pimples and open pores,not only these and they suffer from  either under weight or over weight problems.
  • If a girl is overweight ,or if it is a heridatory,then she has to switch to more fruits ,vegetables and milk.And has to avoid all cakes pastries and icecreams,and junkfood ,and sugar based cooldrinks.
  • But if a girl is underweight,she has to choose foods with proteins and vitamins.She should not skip meals and substitute them with snacks and drinks at odd intervels.
  • Besides having a good diet ,should sleep for atleast 8 hours a day,coz the cells in the body can repair and renew themselves when a person is asleep.
  • Exercise in open air,go for long brisk walks either in the morn or eve,to keep yourself fit. 
  • During the teenage only,the skin will be getting rough,and the skin pores will be accumilated by the secretions leading to pimples ,acne,and marks.To avoid these skin problems,keep your skin clean by having baths thoroughly atleast 2  times a day.
  • Steam your face twice a week.Then apply a herbal face mask ,which not only cleans the skin but also purifies the facial skin,thus making it function noramally.
  • This is the age where you can care a little more what you look alike. Regarding making over ,use compact on the face,wear lipstic of lightest shade or you may go with a lipgloss.And for marriage functions and parties,if  your skin is acne prone skip off the heavy make up and foundation.Do not atleast attempt for a foundation or so,and beware of  oily skin which turns horrible with foundation.
  • Instead of mascara,apply a little castor oil on your eye lashes before bath.This will encourage their growth.And for parties or get togethers a little application of eyeliner may be suggested.
  • And  as for nail polish use palest of pink shades.And try any of the new ones either makeups or hair styles in the week ends and take the suggestion of your mother,as she is your most close friend  of all in the world.This generation mothers do consider as nothing is important for them other than their children.
  • Agood proper care should be taken towards hair coz they will make you the centre of attraction amongst all in your near by comming future.Brush it nicely both morn and eve,and if the hair is falling or looking dull give it the hot oil treatment.But be on your own ,to establish the  hairstyle or makeup,without looking like any one else.Dont imitate.
  • In teens the problem of greasy hair,is a natural outcome of a greasy skin.The scalp should be kept clean, not to have scalp infections.To treat a greasy scalp wash your head with multani mitti and luke warm water.Hot water promotes greasyness.Use plenty of luke warm water for washing the hair.Even curds can be applied to the roots of the hair,it acts as cooling agent,besides this it darkens the hair.
  • Try new outfits together with accessories.Its good to try new things with a light makeup and good clothes.Do wear fashionable which are decent and latest,and most imp it should suit you.
  • And by the age of twenty,a big transition,a senior in fashions having your own style and trend.Be updated in the looks which has a vast differance than in the middle school.Be usual with daily make over in the day,and add a little darker shades of eyeliner and more festive look and good accessories from head to toe when you go with friends for parties or functions.
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  1. Hi Kanthi....
    This blog is very informative and i'm trying to take in as many tips as i could with regards to beauty & health.....as for cooking, new recipes try chese time kanee, family motivation kanee levu :(
    Once again, thank you so much for your time and efforts in keeping all the info together


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