• Tomato fights against cancer,this is agreed by the whole world.
  • Raw tomatoes fights against bladder cancer,it acts as an antoxidant which fights against the free radicals and toxins in the body.
  • Diabetics can take in the form of raw salaads.
  • People who suffer from urinary infections can use tomatoes in the daily menu, even tomato juice work out best.
  • Tomato reduces the digestive problems and purify the blood.It also cures the mouth problems.
  • Tomato juice when mixed with honey and taken,the problems of lungs if any are cured.
  • Tomato consists of carotene,cures the night blindness.
  • Turmeric powder when mixed with tomato juice ,it cures esnophillia.
  • The nutritous values of tomatoes,are it supplies Vit C to the body.It contains proteins,calicium,iron,phospherous,and carotene,thiamin,riboflavin,niacin and vitamins A& B to full extent.