Sunday, June 27, 2010


A snack item for evening tea which children and elders also like them.
Besan powder-1 cup
Rice flour-1/4 th cup
Thin Sliced onion pieces-1 cup
Ginger sliced thinly -1" piece
Green chilli sliced -3 nos
Eating soda a pinch
Chilli powder 1 tsp
Corriander leaves a few chopped
Curry leaves a few chopped
Haldhi a pinch
Jeera a pinch
In  a bowl mix besan powder,rice flour,chilli powder,salt,jeera,haldhi,crushed curry leaves and corriander leaves,green chilli  and ginger slits ,eating soda and chopped onion slices well.Mix them very nicely,so  that the water in the onion pieces,the moisture in it will be absorbed by the flour.If required add a few ounces of water.But it  needs very less water for onion pakodi when compared to other pakodis.
Place a kadai with oil for deep frying in medium heat ,after oil is heated, put the besan onion mixture in small quantites with your right hand, and place in the oil ,breaking them in to small lumps. Fry them evenly in med heat till they are brown,and remove them from fire after they are fried.
Onion ulli pakodis are ready.Best snack at tea time,very much ideal for wet evenings in rainy season.
My mom used to prepare this along with evening coffees in rainy season.



Taro.. Chama dumpalu..250gms
Onion..medium chopped
Green chillies..5
Jeera 1tsp
Chilli powder half tsp
Turmeric 1/4 spoon
Urad dal 1tsp
Mustard seeds 1tsp
Curry leaves

1.Taro root /Chama dumpalu,washed well and pressure cook in a cooker for 3 whistles.
2.After boiling switch off and let it cool.After cooling take off and peel the skin.
3.Then place a pan on the stove add 3 to 4 tbsp of oil,and shallo fry the boiled
Taro root pieces,or mashed well coarse paste,in medium flame.
4.After they are half fried then remove off
from the fire,and remove the oil if oil is remaining.Set it aside.
5.Chopped Onion-1 cup, green chillies 5 to 6-(grind onions and green chillie
 in to a paste which is coarse enough)
6.Place another kadai and add 1 tbsp of oil,after heating add1 tsp urad dal,and
1 tsp mustard seeds ,numeric powder, and curry leaves,Mix.. after they splutter add the onion and green chillie paste and saute well,in a low temp.
7.After the onions become transculent and a bit brown
then add the half fried chamadumpalu and mix well.Like wise fry for another
five minutes in a low fire.
8.Lastly add salt and chilli powder half spoon and switch off the flame.
Serve hot with rice.


A familiar dish of south india can be done in 10 minutes.This recipe is useful to amateurs who doesnt know the ABCD of cooking.
Upma ravva-1 cup
(if it is fresh ravva then well and good,but if it is brought a few days back,then dry roast the ravva in a kadai
for 2 to 3 minutes in a med flame,by continuosly stirring it)
Oil-2 to 3 tbsp
Channa daal-1 tsp
Urad dal 1tsp
Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Ginger,green mirchi pieces-2 tbsp
Finely chopped
Onion 2 tbsp
Finely chopped
Curry leaves a few
Jeera a pinch
Place a pan add oil to it.After heating add channa dal,urad dal,mustard seeds,jeera,saute well for 2 to 3 minutes in med flame.
Then add chopped onion,ginger and green mirchi pieces,and also curry leaves and saute well.
After it is done add 2 1/2 cups of boiled water.(in the mean while boil 2 1/2 cups of water and boil it and keep it ready).
Then also add salt, then slow the flame,and add upma ravva slowly into the boiled water mixture,and stir continuosly with your right hand.After adding mix well and keep it simmer,covering with a lid.
Switch off after 2 min.
Serve hot after 10 minutes ,and add lime juice if u prefer.
Goes well with any of the idli dosa chutneys.


Ridge gourd or beerakaya pieces-12 pieces
peel off the skin and cut the beerakaya lengthywise
into 3 inch pieces,again the three inch piece is to slice in to 4 long pieces up tp three fourth
of the piece with the end intact--guthi vankaya mukkalaga
Kothimeera-washed and cleaned well,1 handful of kothimeera leaves
Onion slices-2 tbsp
Green mirchi -8 numbers
(Those people who need garlic can add into  this while grinding)
Grind  kothimeera,green chillies and salt together and stuff into the guthi beerakaya pieces
Place a pan on the stove,add 2 tbsp oil,then after heating add the stuffed beerakaya pieces
and cook in a low flame till it is done.
This is a variety of beerakaya kura,very soft without masalas.Tasty with rotis and rice.

Saturday, June 26, 2010



When any incidance or dispute is occured ,ladies do get anger, anxiety, and stress which leads to many health  problemsand stress,fatigue which leads to discoloured and unhealthy look.Then all that you have to do is:
  • Relax for 15 minutes,and rectify the causes which caused  dispute and anger.
  • Dont over think on any matter which causes mental fatigue.
  • Go away from the person who is the main cause for your mental disturbance,for 1 or 2 hrs.Then when you recollect the whole incidance,you may realize the facts.
  • You disclose your intentions only with whom you are close,then you may get relaxed from the situation and you may get the problem solved. 
  • And if you are not compromised with the problem,read any of your interesting novel,or watch any comedy show.Do not indulge or donot cross the limits in scolding.
  • Relax yourself with stress release techniques with the advice of your doctor,and do not worry  yourself over the dispute.
Likewise control and heal yourself,with the help of yoga or relaxing techniques and lead a happy life.

  • Atleast 30 % of your income or salary should be saved for month endings unexpected expenses.
  • SAVING is the first expense you have to incur (you have to keep a amount to save) in the  first day of the month.Maintain a list to purchase,and also a list of expenditures,so that you can minimize the waste expenses.
  • Prepare a list while you go for shopping,and purchase only the list of items you prepared.
  • Monthly expenditure should  be less than the income,and loans should not be encouraged.
  • Purchasing of materials and furniture in instalments is not to be encouraged.
A collection


A few kitchen tips shared here:
  • To remove the skin from almonds easily,wash and soak in hot water for 15 minutes.
  • Shortage of chilllllllllllllled cool drinks to serve forunexpected guests.Then follow  this tip.Place cool drink bottles,in a large vessel.Add ice cubes in to the vessel,and add half a cup of salt in to  the ice,mix well,and keep the vessel in the fridge.In 5to 6minutes chilled drinks are ready.
  • Apply a little amount of lime juice,to the apple slice,immediately after slicing it.The colour will not turn black.
  • To store corriander leaves and pudina leaves for more days,store them in thin cloth and store in fridge.
  • While soaking rice and urad dal for dosas ,add 1 tsp of methi seeds,the dosas will be crispy.
  • While preparing for  noodles,after boiling the noodles drain off the hot water,and immediately add cool water to the noodles . They remain seperately,and they do not stick together.
  • To keep the paneer soft,after turning them in to paneer,immediately strain the water and add cool water,it will remain soft.
  • While popping up the pop corns,fry the freezer stored pop corns directly ,they pop up well.
  • Dont store aloo and onion together.Coz the aloo will spoil very fastly.
  • To keep the curds fresh without sourness,add water to the curd fully,then change the water daily and add new water.It willnot turn sour.
  • Vegetables can be stored fresh for many days,after reading your news paper,make paper bags by using stapler pins  and prepare a paper bag and store veg in it.Chop the veg before cooking,as all the nutrients will be lost if chopped very earlier.
  • Dont store your pickle with a stainless spoon with in,the pickle may be spoiled.
  • If tomatoes are not handy in the home,then instead of postponing the cooking add tomato sauce or tomato ketchup in your dish. It makes no differance.
  • If there is no milk cream for adding in to the soup or gravy,then beat butter and milk together and add it,this mixture acts as milk cream. 
Collection from magazines


This dish was telecasted in the TV show,at the cookery related videos.

Iexperimented with this,and every one,both children and elders liked

this dish.


Ghee or oil-3 to 4 tbsp

Jeera 1 tsp

Chopped onions -1 cup

Chopped or grated carrot1 cup

Ginger  paste-1tsp
Onion paste-2 tbsp

Tomato puree-4tbsp

Salt,redchilli powder-1tsp

Greenchilli-1 chopped

Cooked rice-2 cups

Chopped capsicum pieces-1 cup

Masala powder-1 tsp to 1 1/2 tsp

Haldhi 1/2 tsp

Atlast lime juice(optional)

Garnish with corriander leaves


Place a kadai on the stove,add ghee or oil,and heat it.After heating,

add chopped onion pieces and ginger garlic paste,saute well for 2 min.

Then add jeera,chopped carrot pieces,tomato puree,salt chilli powder,

green chilli,one by one.Continuosly saute well,lastly add haldhi,

capsicum pieces,cooked rice,and mix well.

Finally add pavbhaji masala,or masala powder & mix well.

Some people add lime juice finally.Mix well.Garnish with corriander leaves.

Serve hot with onion raitha.Singapore rice is ready.


Somepeople mix lime juice,to the rice mixture,Somebody wont preferlime juice.

Here i didnt use any of lime juice,coz my family members didnt like it.

Here i used 1 cup of chopped aloo also.

Source-TV relay cookery programme.

Friday, June 25, 2010


This is the first award which i received from Mrs.Telugu inti adapaduchulu,after i started my blog.I thank them all to give me this.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When you have leftover idlis,then make a new dish from it.It can be served as a snack item.We call it as idli manchuria,as the taste and preperation are a bit  similar to that of veg manchuria.

Left over idlis 4 nos
Cut these idlis with a knife,in to 1/2" to 1" pieces.
Besan-2 tbsp
Maidha 1 tsp
For more crispy ness u can add 1 more tbsp also
Red chilli powder1 tsp
Eating soda a pinch
For topping:
Finely chopped ginger pieces1 tsp
Finely chopped garlic pieces 1 tsp
(optional for those who dont eat garlic)
Finely chopped onion 1/2 to 3/4 cup
Finely chopped capsicum 2 tbsp
Tomato sauce 1 tsp
Chilli sauce 1 tsp
Soya sauce 1 tsp
In a bowl add besan powder,maidha powder,corn flour,salt,redchillie powder and eating soda.
Mix well.If you want more crispy add a little more of corn flour.Add water a little,and mix it as a little bit like bajji pindi.
In the meanwhile place a kadai on the stove,and add oil for deep frying.
Dip the idli pieces in them,and fry them as  bajjis.
Keep  them aside.
In another pan,add 1 1/2 tbsp one and half tbsp of oil ,after heating  add finely chopped ginger and garlic pieces,onion pieces,capsicum pieces,and saute well till they turn into brown colour,in low  to med flame.Then add salt,lastly add tomato sauce,chilli sauce,and soya sauce,mix well till the mixture gets a bit dried .Then add fried idli bajjis and mix well for 3 minutes.Turn off the flame,serve in a serving bowl.Garnish with capsicum and onion rings.
Can be served hot  as snacks.
Learnt it from cookery shows relayed in TV.


Raw mango pulp 1 glass
Sugar 1 1/2 glass
Salt a pinch
For mixing in juice:
Roasted jeera powder a pinch
Blend 1 glass of chopped mango pieces in a blender.
Add sugar and mango paste ,add 1 glass of water and
boil them,in low flame,for 10  min.Bring it in to
 madhya pakam, so that it will remain for 15 days .
After 10 min switch off the stove.And store the syrup
in a fridge after cooling.
Take 2 tbsp of concentrated juice in a glass add chilled water,
a pinch of jeera powder,and ice cubes,and serve chilled.
My mother used to prepare this in summers, and also mango jam.

Monday, June 21, 2010


We all know about SRI VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM,the great ness of the sthothram.The One and unique of sthothras,which believers believe that regular chanting of hymn can accrue benefits.Daily once or twice if one recite this sthothram,it benefits him a lot.It protects him  in the day to day life from all disturbances and stressful life.Vishnu sahasram is a protection shield,it acts as a protection shield to the families who recite them daily.It takes hardly 15 minutes to recite for one time.So sparing a 15 min of our precious time in the seva of Srimannarayana is nothing but depositing punya in the bank of spirituality.You can refer for the meaning of the sthothram here in the link .

If you donot find time for reciting the sthothram listen  through audio.Or else in the busy life if you cant spare that much time here is a remedy.Iam giving some of the namaas from vishnu sahasram which have a lot of benefits in store of recite daily for 41 days (a mandala).
I n the given list of vishnu sarasra namas ,select any nama according to your requirement .Sit relaxedly east facing  and recite the nama 108 times for 41 days and acquire the benefits ---Daily snanam chesi 1 time vishnu sahasranamanni chadivi inka aa paina,eppudu teerika unte appudu a vishnu rupanni manassu lo nilupukuni thama thamaku saripoyina namanni manthram ga mananam chesukovalannamata.

  1. Aum sree sarvapraharanayuddha ha--{Sarva graha peeda nivruthhiki mariyu prashantha manassuku }  
  2. Aum vashatkaraya namaha--{for success in business,visa interviews,building relationships,karya sidhhi  koraku}
  3. Aum sree vibhavanaya namaha--{for wealth}
  4. Aum paramathmane namaha--{for self employed ,for promotions,success in games}
  5. Aum sree sokanashanaya namaha--{dukhha nivruthhiki}
  6. Aum aksharaya namaha--{for education  & better financial strength}
  7. Aum sree dhuswapna nashanaya  namaha--{peeda kalalu manadaniki}
  8. Aum bhutha bhavanaya namaha--{for better health  }
  9. Aum puthathmane namaha--{to remove mental stress & to have mental peace}
  10. Aum sreemathe namaha--{for handsome appearance & wealth}
  11. Aum narasimhavapushe  namaha--{apadallo unnappudu smarinchandi}
  12. Aum kshethragnaya namaha--{to purchase & own plots and houses   }
  13. Aum bhuthadaye  namaha--{to amend sound friendship or any personal relation ship}
  14. Aum dhhathre namaha--{santhana prapthi koraku}
  15. Aum vidhhathre namaha--{Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies}
  16. Aum vishvaya namaha--{shubha phalithamula koraku}
  17. Aum vishnave namaha--{kirthi prathishtala koraku}
  18. Aum bhuthakruthe namaha--{for children}
  19. Aum bhavaya namaha--{buddhi balam koraku}
  20. Aum bhuthathmane namaha--{pranashakthi pempondinchenduku}
  21. Aum bhuthabhavane namaha--{manasika vikasam koraku}
  22. Aum bhutha bhavyabhavathprabhave namaha--{health,success koraku}
  23. Aum bhuthabhruthe namaha--{for  health and wealth} 
Likewise select a nama according to your will and do recite mentally or do manasika japa ....

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Pattolli is a traditional andhra dish.It is a protein rich curry which tastes and ideal with rice and rotis.When the fridge is empty and no vegetables in the home,then this dish is handy and easy to make.This dish is a variation from daily preparing routine menu,and it will be a big hit and rank 1st in parties and get togethers.Pattolli is a dish which a housewife can smartly  feed her family with a nutritous and tasty stuff.It can be made with bengal gram dal and onions.An occasionally made dish as it consumes more oil,and using very less oil is recommended by doctors.
Bengal gram daal-2 cups
Red mirchi-4 to 6 nos
Reduce if you want it to be less hot
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Oil-100 to 150 gms
Urad dal- 2 tsp
Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Chopped green chillis-4 to 5 nos
Chopped onions-1 cup
Curry leaves
Hing(a pinch)
Those who dont like hing can add chopped garlic
Haldhi a pinch
Wash well,and soak bengal gram daal in hot water for atleast one hour(if u soak in cold water it will take more than 2 hours to soak.)
Wet grind bengalgram daal with 4 to 6 red mirchis jeera and salt,coarsely.
Very less water is to be used while grinding.
Now place a kadai (thick bottomed)on the stove,add oil 100 gms  ,(it will take more oil in this procedure).
Add urad dal,mustard seeds,finely chopped onions,curry leaves,and chopped green chillies,etc etc..
Fry well in a low flame,after the onions turn transculent,add grinded bengal gram mixture,and stir frequently till done.
(beware very soon it will be over fried and turns black in the bottom layer,so continuosly stir for every 2 mins,that too in low flame)
It takes more time up to half an hour,to get fried,and frequently add 1 to 2 tsp oil.
The coarsely grinded bengalgram dal paste,have to be fried slowly in low temperature,stirring frequently,and the pattoli will be,should i say vidavidaladuthu smooth ga vasthundhi.

This is a recipe from my sister Padmas kitchen of Kakinada.


Children often do like to  drink milkshakes rather normal milk.Banana milk shake is as such one which is liked by small children,school going children.Avery healthy and energetic drink.If mothers prepare them for their children prior to bus time or after school time,they will surely drink it immediately without any hassles.
Iused to prepare for both of my children when they were school going children.
Cold Milk 2 cups
Bananas 2 nos
Sugar 2 to 3 tbsps
Cardamom powder
Vanilla essence
Blend bananas first,add milk and sugar,blend well.As for essence or elaichi powder,its an optional.You may add if you really want to.Place in a fridge or drink that directly.

You may add straw berries,or any other fruit if you like so.


In our homes,when children are there,we have to take lot of care regarding the electric switches and appliances,and other sharp edged articles.Some tips to be shared by mothers of small children are:
  1. Electric plug points,electric switches should be in a height, should be out of reach of children.When the switches  are not in use, then close them with plug points.
  2. Do not leave your children alone with pets like cats and dogs.
  3. Do not leave glass materials in bathrooms,in reach of children.Donot leave children alone near water.
  4. Store blades ,knives,scissors and rajors in closed almirahs.
  5. Children do like playing, with plastic covers and keeping their head in  plastic bags,keep them out of reach.
  6. Window guards should be arranged so that children wont fall down.
  7. If you have sharp edged dining table,then cover it with a tablecloth.
  8. Dont keep or forget small articles like screws ,nails etc on the floor.Children may keep them in the mouth or swallow them.
  1. Busy mothers:Give training to your children to keep their books according to the timetable they have and keep the school bag neatly.
  2. Train them to dress themselves,eat tiffin fully,and do remember and convey small messages if any.
  3. Give them potty training.
  4. Wash their uniform on sundays and do iron them.
  5. Preserve some extra notebooks,pens ,pencils etc.,in the home,and you need not run to market if any such things are required.
  6. Wash and polish shoes etc on sundays,and train them to do some.If proper training is given they will learn in a few months of time.
  7. Plan your childs tiffin and lunch box a day before.This will reduce your morning hurry and tension.
  8. If the clothes of you child are faded,discard them,or they may dont like them and feel bad to ware them.
  9. If any repairs regarding sizes are to be done to the clothes of your child,do them accordingly on holidays or spare time.
  10. Last but not the least spend quality of time with them playing and teaching.


  • Vamu-Ajwain,it is a good medicine from kitchen.Improves digestion,reduces vomittings,and stomach aches caused by indigestion.Also useful to clear heart problems.
  • Vamu,when dissolved in half glass of water,add a pinch of salt and when drunk the vommitings that caused by indigestion will be stopped.
  • Vamu,dhania,jeera-roast these three ingredients, powder them,add water and boil them for 15 to 20 min in low flame.Strain the decoction and take it as a medicine,for fever.Dont avoid medicines,along with medicines drink this kashayam.
  • Vamu,pepper,salt -take equal parts and powder them,store it.Take 1/2 tsp before meals,the indigestion will be cured.
  • Vamu,pepper -fry these 2 with a tsp of cowghee,add salt and store it.Daily while having meals,take 1 to 2 tsp of this mixture with a handful of cooked rice,and eat alongwith meals.In a short span your indigestion or gastric trouble will be cleared.
  • Vamu,have a tsp of vamu in the mouth,chew it and retain it in your mouth.The juice of vamu will clear the throat problems. 

Friday, June 18, 2010


The whole universe is protected by God,a puja room is a place where we pray and meditate on God who is protecting us.This is the place where we do meditate and do  japas and archanas.Likewise by creating a pleasant and sacred atmosphere in a puja room,and do our daily prayers,we do have many advantages.
There are a few tips to be shared;
  • The puja room is to be located in the north east of the home,which we call in telugu as Eeshanya mula..That is in the north east corner of the house.If puja room is in right place,you will feel charged and rejuvenated after puja and meditation,and the mind will be calm without wandering into different places at the time you sit to worship. Do not place heavy home mandirs in north east room..if mandir is too heavy then place in the center of north or east in north east room..we can place even in north or east rooms,but plz chk that its not too heavy and crowded in that place.
  • The photoes of the dead ancestors should not be placed in the puja room.
  • The idols and pictures of the God should be placed in the north side or east side of the room.The person who is doing puja should face either east or north direction.
  • The puja room should not be placed near the toilet,and there should not be a toilet adjacent,above the puja room,or below a puja room.
  • Puja room should not be built under a stair case, nor a basement.
  • The deepam should be placed on the left hand side of the God.(on our right hand side)
  • Avoid clutter and empty tins and empty sachets of haldhi kumkum,in the puja room.A puja room  should be absolutely clean.
  • A pujapat place should not be in the bedroom
  • A ventilator is a must in a puja room.
  • The walls should be painted in white,or light yellow.
  • Cupboard should be placed in the south or west direction in a puja room
  • Apuja room is meant for puja,do not make it a store room
  • Apuja room should not be created under a bathroom.
  •  A puja room should not be placed under the beams of the house. 
  • By worshipping god, by facing  the east,Turpu eeshanyam,then riches & good name and fame will be  earned,by the family is important to gain positive energies to connect to god.
  • Where as worshipping God by  placing in the north,wealth will be accumulated.
  • By using scented flowers for puja,a sweet fragrance of flowers is spread in the house which  acts as aroma therapy,thereby clearing the diseases.
  • Bell should not be hung in a puja room.
  • The roof should be low when compared to the remaining rooms,for this false ceiling will be helpful. 
  • The deepam and agarbathis,and harathi karpuram ,sambrani dhupam which will be lit in the puja time,removes the negative bad energy,there by welcoming a positive and good energy in the home.
  • Likewise spending atleast 15 mins of time in worshipping in a sacred place which is related to fengshui,called as a puja room removes all the obstacles in the life,thereby welcoming prosperity.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010



As everybody knows,a dining room is a room,where all family members dine together,though how busy they are.
  • Place a glass bowl of fruits, and prepared food on the dining table.
  • According to fengshui,place a big mirror on the wall in the opposite of dining table,which reflects fruits ,and  cooked food which were kept on the dining table .By this the food qtys kept on the table are doubled,which represents the financial stability of the house.
  • When the dining table is to be placed in a drawing room  in your house,then there is no problem,place  a partition between dining table and the main door.Or else you can place artificial plants or trees in between.
  • Dull and pale colours in the dining room makes a person dull,as such colours reduces the food intake.
  • Where as brighter shades when used makes the room quite attractive,there by creating an urge in you to spend some of  your quality of the time to spend there, feel hungry and want to eat.
  • And pictures and posters relating to food and fruits are to be fixed on the walls in the dining room,and avoid war scenes or wild animal pictures.
  • Regarding the chairs of the dining table,they should be spacious and big ,so that you can sit spaciously with hands resting on the dining table.
  • The dining table should be oval or round,avoid sharp edges.
  • Avoid junk food,and prepare tastily in the home.
  • Avoid pizzas and burgers.
  • Have fresh fruits and raw foods.
  • Place a mirror on the wall,so that the food kept on the dining table will be reflected in the mirror,which represents health and wealth.
  • Make it a habbit to dine together the family members atleast once in a day,which develops the unity in big and combined families.
  • Keep the fridge full with food.
  • Dimn lights are preferred.
  • Remove clocks and calemdes and have a pleasant meal.
  • Switch off the cells in a dining room
  • Soft music preferably instrumental can be played in a low voice.
  • Last but not the least,saying a prayer brings good energy in the room.
  • So take a minute time before beginning the meal for giving thanks to the abundance given by the god.
  • The dining room should not be placed under a bathroom (in the first floor)
  • Remove clutter and waste.


To look beautiful,and specially one among a group,is a desire of every young lady.
Not only expensive silk sarees and jewels,make them special ,but a proper makeover
with perfect makeup will also survive the purpose.Likewise a few beauty tips are accumilated
and given here.
  • Before makeup wash your face and neckwith cold water,and if it is rainy water its well and good.Use a good soap.
  • Use a concealer which is nearer to your skin colour.
  • Use water proof " penstick".
  • Use pleasantly  light fragrant  powder and scent.Your pleasant  fragrant clothes will make you feel cool and garden fresh amongst all.
  • Apply foundations and creams in a less quantity.
  • Dip eye liner brush ,and let it dry for 3 seconds ,then apply on the lashes,to avoid spreading.
  • Apply a special moisturising pomade stick on your lips before applying lipstick.
  • See that there is a matching  between eyeshade,lipstick and clothes,and also accessories.
  • Use hair spray to set the hairstyle,coz it protects the hairstyle from being disturbed. Use hair pins wherever it is necessary.Use plenty of flowers,they exaggerate the beauty.
  • Pin up carefully saree ,with lahenga and chunni while wearing sarees.
  • See that you carry tissue paper ,along with powder,puff and lipstick in your hand bag.
  • A collection from books

Monday, June 14, 2010


  • The people who have the habbit of snoaring in the sleep,often consider as watchman of  the house in the nights.Actually it is correct ,every body sleeping around a snoaring person ,cannot sleep in the night.
  • Snoaring persons while sleeping ,turn to the sides,then the snoaring will be reduced to some extent.Especially if they sleep towards left side,its good even for digestion.
  • If the people who snoar sleeps in a slanting position,the habbit of snoaring reduces. 
Drinking water in the early morning:
  • As soon as you wake up in the early morning,before natural calls,drink 1 to 2  big glasses of water,which is very good for health.
  • If this method is followed ,piles complaint,amoebiosis,typhoid,jaundice,obesity,indigestion,urinary infections,Bp,health problems related to ear, nose ,& throat,headache,sciatica,asthma,allergies etc.will not only be reduced but they will be controlled.If you  want to postpone the old age,observe this,and also drink water stored in a copper vessel.
Oil massage for feet:
  • If you are facing insomnia,lack of sleep,massage your feet ,with oil.
  • Even this massage  (with oil) will also be useful for people- who are having leg cramps,& burning sensation in legs,will  be relieved.
  • Relieves from tiredness, and lazyness.
  • Heals the cracks in the feet.
Date syrup:
  • Soak dried dates in water in the previous  night,and in the next  morning let children and eldersdrink them.By drinking the water they will be relieved from sunstroke.Deffects in the blood will be rectified,immunity system will be boosted ,TB and  motions,will be controlled .And fits and unconsciousness  etc, will be treated.Agood energy drink totally for children and elders.
Donot eat or drink too hot:
  • Somepeople has the habbit of eating or drinking while they are piping hot .If anyone eats rice in piping hot state,it may lead to burning of taste buds on the tongue, watering eyes, or running nose.
  • Donot drink or eat anything while they are piping hot.They reduce the stamina of the body.
  • Likewise also donot eat anything which is in icy cool condition .
  • Coughs & Cold  health problems arise if a person  is exposed to ice cubes or ice water.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Karvepaku- 2 cups
(clean and wash several times,dry them on a cloth under shade.
In a day it will be dried)
Dhania-1 cup
Jeera-1/2 to 1 cup
as per your taste
Red chillies
Garlic pods
Place a pan on the stove,after heating ,dry roast
 karvepaku,dhanialu,jeera,redchillies  seperately.
Dry roast all the 4 items each and every one seperately.
Let it cool.
Dry grind  them in to a powder,lastly when it is
powdered add dry tamarind (without seeds)and again dry grind for a minute.
Lastly add garlic pods and salt and dry grind for half minute.
Store in a airtight container.
Tip:When you add garlic it wont stay fresh for more than 20 days.
So do every thing above as it is (except garlic) and store it in a
large bottle in your fridge,it remains for more than 3 months.
Place a few garlic pods and add a few spoons of karvepaku powder,
and dry grind and store in a small bottle which lasts for 10 days.
Like this you can eat it freshly by adding garlic for every 10 days.
Very good for digestion and health.
Ideal with hot rice and a spoon ful of ghee.

This is prepared in my in laws house,daily they start lunch  with
 2 spoons of this powder with ghee in it..


Baby corn-1/4 th  kg
Washed well,and slice in to 1 inch pieces
Chopped onions-1 cup
Greenchillies 6 nos .slits
Tomato chopped-2 nos
Or tomato puree 1 cup
Cashew nuts,badam paste 2 tbsp
Oil-2 to 3 tbsp
Garam masala powder 1tsp
Red chillie powder 1 tsp
Dhania powder 1 tsp
Jeera powder 1/2 tsp
Place a kadai on the stove and add 1/2 tbsp oil to it.
After heating add chopped baby corn pieces and fry for 5 mins in low flame.
Then remove them in to another dish,again place the same kadai on the stove.
Add the remaining oil to it,then add chopped onion,green chilli slits,saute in a low fire.
Now add tomato puree or chopped tomatoes to the kadai,and cook for a while.
Next add kaju badam paste to it,and fry a little while on low flame.
Lastly add half fried baby corn pieces,and add 1/4 th  cup of water to it.
Let it cook,for 2 mins,now add 1 tsp garam masala powder,chillie powder,
1 tsp dhania powder, jeera powder,salt and 1 cup of water and let it cook for 10 mins
 in a low flame with lid on.
Switch off ,and serve in a serving dish.
Garnishing can be done with kothmeer.
Igot this recipe from cookery shows telecasted in TVs


Materials required:
Ghee 2 tbsp
Cardamoms4 nos
Cloves 5 to 6 nos
Cinnamon stick  2"stick
made in to pieces
Onions sliced 1 cup
Curry leaves
Cashew nuts a handful
Green chillies 6 nos slits
Coconut milk-4 cups
Extract coconut milk from grated coconut,blend in a mixie by
adding 1/2 cup water,and strain it.Extract milk,then again add
1/2 cup water to the strained grated coconut and again blend
in a mixie.Like wise do 2 to 3 times,extract coconut milk after
straining it.Measure of the coconut milk should be 4 cups.
Basmathi rice-2 cups
Place a pan on the stove and add 2 tbsp ghee,after heating add cloves,cardamoms
and cinnamon sticks,saute in a low fire.
Then add chopped onion,and green chillie slits,curry leaves and fry in a low flame.
After the onions turn transparent,add coconut milk and salt.
Meanwhile wash basmathi rice well,and strain the water and keep it aside.
Now add rice to the coconut milk,when it started boiling and transfer it in to a
cooker.If it is a pressure cooker,bring 3 whistles and switch off.
Serve hot with any curry or onion raitha.
Here i served it with a combination of Baby corn curry.
Even children like this as it is less spicy.
You can add 1 spoon of  ginger garlic paste if you like it

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Milk-1/2 litre
Sugar-4 tbsp
Badam -8 nos
Soak the badam for 6 hrs,and make it in to a  paste
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Place a vessel with milk and boil it in low flame.
After boiling,add badam paste and sugar and boil in low flame for 10 mins.
Lastly sprinkle elaichi powder on the milk.
Switch off the stove,let it cool .
Freeze it for 1 hour and drink it.
Very healthy ,children can take regularly, and elders can take occasionally.


Grated coconut 1 cup
Roasted bengal gram daal-1cup
Tamarind paste
(or lime juice or curds to be added lastly)
Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Red chilli slits of 4 nos
Green chillies 4 to 6 nos
Hing or garlic(optional)
Curry leaves
Oil 1 tbsp
Place a pan on the stove,and add oil to it.
When the oil is heated add the seasoning materials.
After they crackle saute it and remove from fire.
Place grated coconut ,roasted bengal gram daal, and only red and green chillies from seasoning,in a small grinder,along with tamarind and salt.
Grind it in to a paste,after it is done ,add the jeera ,mustard seeds from seasoning.
If u are not interested in tamarind,do not use it.
Lastly after mixing the seasoning,add curds or lime juice in the chutney.
Very tasty and ideal with idli,dosa and all tiffins.
This chutney  i prepare in my kitchen and store in fridge upto 2 or 3 days before mixing curds or lime juice .



  • Take headbath twice a week with shikakai with plenty of water ,massage your scalp slowly and thoroughly will warm castor oil or olive oil,before head bath.
  • Have a healthy diet which is nutritous.Have multivitamin supplements .Poor diet may be a cause for hair loss.
  • Have a good sleep of 7 hours.Avoid late night sleeping.
  • Stop worrying about hair loss.
  • Protein and iron rich diet are to be taken  daily.A  iron rich diet,iodine and vit -B are to be included .Defficiency of iodine in the body can slow down the blood circulation to the scalp,causing slow growth and falling hair.   
  • If dandruff is the cause for hair loss,take dandruff treatment.The best cure for dandruff is lime juice.Apply lime juice to the roots of your hair before one hour of headbath.
  • Take headbaths with a good shampoo and a volume building hairconditioner.Unclean scalp is responsible for hairloss.
  • Wash and clean the combs every time you have a headbath.
  • Include  raw vegetables ,leafy vegetables and fruits in your menu.
  • Apply conditioning henna to the hair once in a fortnight.
  • Even application and massage with coconut milk before headbath does wonders.
  • Stop worrying about hairloss,as this may cause more hair loss.
  • Apply herbal oils or ayurvedic oils.
  • A collection from beautician friends

Friday, June 11, 2010


Kitchen-we can call it as- My secret of energy is my kitchen.We will spend atleast 3 to 4 hours daily in the kitchen.We have to adjust and place  the appliances as per fengshui.
  • Keep the kitchen well ventillated.
  • The colours should be in yellow,earth colour.By using the colours related to earth the digestion will be perfect and healthy .The food cooked in such place gives a good health.
  • Do not store clutter in the kitchen room.News papers,empty tins which are not useful should be removed .
  • Donot display sharp edged  knifes, and scissors,place them in drawes.Store spatulas,griddles etc should be kept in a closed almirahs.
  • The positive good energy of luck-CHI should not be abrupted by any sharp edges donot keep sharp edged utensils or objects in open.
  • Do not place the stove very near or quite opposite to water tap or fridge.Coz the friction in between the hot and cool energys between fire and water,will lessen the positive good energy,there by the effects will be reflected on the person who is cooking there ,and also on the food. So to lessen the effects place a small wood partition between water tap and stove, between fridge and stove.
  • The stove  should not be placed before a bathroom,or quite opposite to a bathroom, but if is placed like that...donot worry,there is a solution according to fengshui.See that the bathroom door will be closed automatically,arrange spring door.Place a small pot of atleast artificial flowering plant on the side of  bathroom door. 
  • Stove should not be placed exactly opposite to main door,but if it is placed like that..the solution is arrange a convex mirror outside the main entrance.
  • Keep the stove away from window.
  • Use your stove as much as possible.The stove is the symbolic of wealth.Maintain  colours of  greenery related to appliances.The stove represents your ability to maximise your potential.The more often you cook the easier it will be to take advantage of oppurtunities for health and wealth.
  • Keep fresh food out for people to enjoy.Abowl of fresh fruits can be kept .
Like wise we can transform our kitchens in to a fengshui kitchens.

Collection from magazines.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


  • MEDITATION-JAPAM -RELAXATION TECHNIQUES : The people who work the whole day ,strained by work,or feeling depresive,or suffering from  mental stress,then the remedy is nothing but meditation,dhyanam or japam. When the stress and strain increases in the body then by giving it a type of sleep or rest both physically and mentally solves the health problem.Meditation means to send a thinking mind to a deeper state of relaxation or awareness and has been practising since antiquity.Persons who are in big positions ,Business magnets ,executives and officials,observe ralaxation techniques, relax their minds often do yoga and regular meditations,or it would be a big  loss to the nation due to the wrong decisions.
  • VITAMIN -C:Include vitamin -C in your diet.Vitamin C rich foods such as sweet lime,lime,tomato,aloo,leafy veg such as thotakura,palakura,menthi kura,bachhali kura,chukkakura,gongura,kothmeer,guava,apple ,pomogranate,amla,velaga, should be eaten daily.Vitamin- C intake reduces eye related problems,brain related problems,and health probs which occur in diabetics.Unhealthiness regarding mental ability will be checked by releasing Anti stress hormone.Checks obesity,improves blood count,bones and teeth development.Cures scurvy disease in teeth problems,gives complexion to the skin,and develops the immunity system in thebody. Compulsory intake of Vit-C eradicates in  the body.
  • Check an eyespecialist and also have a diabetic  test.As soon as you cross 35 years of age check your eye specialist ,have an eyetest.Also have an blood test relating to sugar.
  • When you are tired of reading or office work, then just have a cup of tomato juice with a spoon of sugar.In within a few min of time,your brain works sharply.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Beauty a sweet word can be maintained well with 6 formulas
  • Health:The most essential word for beauty maintanance is the health.When health is upset then there is no use though  how much makeup you use. Health awareness is the foundation stone for beauty.
  • Maintanance of oral health is the 2nd formula.Personal hygiene ,oral cleanliness plays an important role.Walking and small exercises are good for health.
  • Intake of food ,a well balanced diet ,containing nutritional values in limited quantities  is an important formula .Beauty foods which regulates inner cleanliness like  Vegetables and fruits,buttermilk,will moisturize the skin thus giving soft and shiny texture .
  • Have regular medical checkups to avoid unhealthy ness.
  • Donot over exaust by work,limited work with regular intervels of rest is a formula.Leave aside fobias and tensions.Relax yourself with music ,comedy shows.Peace of mind, makes a persons face beautiful shining and attractive.
These 6 formulas are important for a human to maintain beauty,and looking beautiful.

  • Not only by using powders and facial creams a person can maintain his beauty.But the food also plays an important role in developing beautiful skin.
  • Fresh leafy vegetables,raw vegetables and fruits  intake will satisfy the requirement  of vitamins in the body,there by removing the vitamin defficiency.Therefore nutritional food is important for a person.
  • For the sake of the health if a person drinks only milk in more quantities,then the cholestrol problem arises and she turns obese.The vit A in the milk helps the skin not to get wrinkles.So milk should be drunk in recommended quantities only.
  • The foods such as daals pulses,vegetables and bananas contain vit-Bcomplex,these foods helps the skin not to loose the sensitivity.
  • These foods such as sweet lime,mango,tomatoes and leafy vegetables protects the underlayers of the skin,to be healthy
  • The purification in the blood also plays an  imp role in the skin beauty,so  thinking that only face creams improve the beauty is a myth.
  • Every time while washing the face donot use soap,coz the skin may become dry,wasing only with water ,and cool water bath improves the beauty of the skin,by relaxing it.
Collection from magazines

Monday, June 7, 2010



  • Expensive wear of pattu sarees are to be dry cleaned regularly once in 2 to 3 years
  • Take care not to have any type of stains such as oily stains
  • While sitting and standing that the chairs or sofas donot have exposed nails.Take care of your clothes not to tore by such nails
  • While travelling on two wheelers see that the sarees or clothes are to be tucked neatly,to avoid tearings of the clothes and to avoid unexpected accidents.
  • Do not wrap the pattu clothes as soon as you remove them.They should be exposed to the fresh air,in order not get any sweat odours.
  • If the pattu sarees do have more Zari,then wrap them upside down, to avoid  zari wear and tear,and protect the zari work.
  • While keeping zari clothes in cupboards,place dried neem leaves or the best is cloves,to avoid bugs.
  • While cleaning pattu clothes wash them with water to which kunkudu rasam (ritha seeds)is added.
  • Dont dry pattu clothes in direct sun light.But in a balcony or in a shady place they can be dried.
  • While ironing pattu clothes,place another thin layer of cloth on them and iron.
  • In the cupboards place naphthalene balls where pattu clothes are preserved,this avoid bugs and enrich a lovely fragrance. 
A collection


Maida-1 1/4 cup
Rice flour-2tbsp
Redchillie powder,Eating soda-2 to 3 pinches
chopped coconut pieces-2 tsp
Jeera-1/2 tbsp
Ginger  green chillie paste-1 tbsp
Curds -1 cup
Water-1 cup
Oil for deep frying
  • Mix maida,riceflour,well.
  • Addtable salt,eating soda, and mix well with thick curds,beat well with the hand,and if water is required add some water and make it in to vada batter(idli batter) 
  • Lastly add jeera,chopped coconut ,ginger chillie paste,mix well.
  • If you want it very soft,keep aside for half an hour,and if you want the shape to be round add maida flour a bit.
  • But if you want a little crispy add rice flour more.
  • Then place a kadai for heating the oil on a stove.Then after the oil is heated then make medium round balls with watery wet hand and place vadas in the oil.
  • (While frying bondas,before taking the batter with hand for frying in oil, wet your hand with water for every bonda.)
  • Cook in med to low flame,till the bondas are fried and they turn brown.
  • Serve hot with chutneys.Children opt this dish much.
Source:Tv programme of cooking .

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Channa 1 cup(Washed and soaked well for atleast 6 hours)
Before making vadas again wash them,and wet  grind them in a mixie using less water.
It should be grinded a bit coarsely.
Finely chopped onion-3/4 th cup
Green chilly finely chopped 6 nos
Chopped ginger 1"piece
Finely chopped curry leaves and kothmeer
Red chilli powder 1/4 tsp(optional)
Maidha 1 tbsp for binding
Oil for deep frying
In  a bowl ,add grinded channa paste with finely chopped pieces of,onion,green chilli,ginger,curry leaves
kothmeer,maidha and salt.Mix well and make a medium sized rounds,and press a bit in to the shape of vadas.
Place a kadai and pour oil for deep frying,and when the oil is heated well,fry pakodas till brown.Place the hot pakodas on a tissue paper,then serve them hot.
It can be made as a evening tiffin for children with tomato sauce.
I experimented this in my kitchen and got it.



Chopped chukka kura 2 cups
Tur dal -1 cup(Tur daal roasted for 5 mins in low flame,then washed well)
Red chillies -2 nos
Green chillies 4 to 5 nos
Tomatoes chopped  4 nos
Ginger garlic  paste or Hing(option any one)
Red chillie powder 1/2 tsp (optional)
Oil 1 tbsp
  • Place a prestige cooker and add chopped chukka kura along with washed turdaal,green chillie slits and tomatoe slits.
  • Add a seasoning made with oil,mustard seeds1/2 tsp,methi seeds a pinch,red chillie slits,hing or ginger garlic paste, add the seasoning to the cooker ,add water and pressure cook ,this mixture for 4 whistles.
  • Switch off,let it cool.
  • After removing the lid when it is cool,mix well,then add table salt.
  • Serve in a serving bowl.Very tasty and healthy with rice and rotis.
This is a favourite dish in my home,i prefer more leafy than daal,my family simply likes it.


Bitter gourd-kakarakaya chopped 1 cup
Chopped onions-1/2 cup
Tamarind juice(as per your taste)
Nuvvu pappu powder-1tsp
Methi powder-1/4th tsp
Karam powder-1/2 tsp
Dhania powder 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves
Ginger garlic paste(optional)-1/4 th tsp
Oil  2tbsp
Jeera 1/4th tsp
Haldi a pinch

Place a pan ,add 1 tbsp oil,add mustard seeds,jeera ,chopeed onions and a pinch of haldhi,one by one ,stirring in the meanwhile.After 2 min add chopped bitter gourd kakarakaya and fry them for 5 min,in low to med flame till brown colour.Now add tamarind juice(extract juice from a big lime sized tamarind) to the pan,then add red chillie powder,dhania powder,salt ,jaggery and let it boil for 20 mins in low flame.
Mean while place a kadai and fry 2 tsps nuvvulu and one red chilli,fry till brown,switch off the stove.Let it cool,then dry grind the fried sesame seeds in to dry powder.
After boiling well the kakarakaya pulusu thickens,then add nuvvula podi and methi powder and curry leaves.Then let it boil in low flame for another 5 mins then switch it off.

This kakara kaya pulusu differs very much from the one we make in coastal andhra side.But we can make it as a variety..

Bhogaraju Lakshmi. M.,
Kahammam dist.

Friday, June 4, 2010


  • By having a regular oily head bath both physical and mental health will be good.
  • Tiredness will be relieved ,there by recharging    a new energy in the body.
  • The body will get sound sleep,there by bidding  a good bye to sleep disturbance.
  • Oil should be applied not only to the head,but apply to the body also.
  • It decreases the phlegm in the body,and good blood circulation will be done.
  • By applying oil and bath powder (say nalugu pindi)the skin will  get soft and shine.
  • By having  oily headbath ,the hair will loose its dirt ,lice.
  • Some will get rid of headaches ,burning problems in eyes,reduces the body temperature.
  • The hair will become strong,and healthy.
  • The body pores will be cleared from dirt and the sebacious glands can secrete the sweat secretion  freely.
  • The digestive problems will be cleared and the person will remain active.
  • Use luke warm water to wash the hair.
  • Mix rose petals in bath water.
  • Mix eaudecologne (a few drops)in a bucket of luke warm water.
  • Mix orange and sweet lime peels (which are soaked in water) to the water you bathe.
  • Last but not the least atleast mix a few mint leaves or corriander leaves to your bath water.
Collection from magazines


  • Shoes and slippers are to be kept on a stand.If there is no stand faccility keep them in a box.
  • Whether shoe stand or a shoebox,nomatter but it should be placed on a plastic sheet .
  • The dust will be stored on it,so it will be easy for every 2 to 3 days to clean it.
  • Asmall stool should be in handy near the shoestand,so it will be easy to wear the shoes by sitting on it.
  • While working inside the home or cooking or gardening wear soft slippers made by sponge.
  • Atleast for  a week pay attention to do pedicure urself.If not pedicure try to wash feet by soaking them in luke warm soapy water.
  • Rub the feet and ankles with a pumice stone,so that the dirt will be removed.
  • Daily apply ahandcream along with lime juice ,so that the feet will become smoother.
  • If the feet are cracked apply petroleum jelly,massage the feet and wear socks while sleeping
  • Trim the nails of toes every week.

Thursday, June 3, 2010



  • The bedroom is the place where every one will  relax, sleep  and take rest,there by refreshing themselves and get ready for nextdays work.
  • The bed should not be placed exactly opposite to the door,and the bed should not be placed  beneath the opening window,or should not be placed in a corner of the room.And electronics related articles should not be kept in the bedrooms .
  • According to fengshui sleeping beneath  the window  causes the feeling of  insecurity.So change the bed position.If a window is placed quite opposite  to the bed or the bed is beneath the window,and when there is nosource to change the bed then,place venishing blends .
  • If the bed is quite opposite to the door,   then place a partition or cover the door or window  with a curtain.  The last option is the best one.
  • The matresses on the bed should be one and large.But when  there are 2 single matresses ,then no problem cover the 2 matresses with a single large bedsheet.Pink colour bedsheets are advised in the bedrooms.Or else use pink shades more in the bedroom.
  • The room should be neat and clean,dont throw old magazines and newspapers under the beds.And donot store empty powder tins,old clothes ,unused pillows ,bedsheets and ruggs.
  • The beds should be made with wood.But when  there are beds made with  iron,then donot bring electronic goods in to the bedroom.But when  there are electronic goods in bed rooms place them far from iron beds.
  • The electronic goods in bedrooms which release electro magnetic waves causes negative feelings.
  • Beds should be kept a little space away from walls .Never sleep placing  the head towards north.
  • The southwest room which is called nairuthimula is to be used by the owners of the house as bedroom.Use curtains colours which are nearer to shades of earth.Use natural and clear crystals if you find them in a fengshui stores.The whole family members will be happy by using them.
  • Use a chandeliar or crystal sphere coz it activates the good energy in the home which results good relations between the members in the home.
  • Place a couple of Mandrick ducks photo or toys in bedrooms southwest corner.Never keep a single ducks photo .
  • Donot place big photoes or pictures or idols of  god  in the bedroom ,place a very  very small picture of god, in the direction of east or north or north east wall,to see it first as one awakes in the morning.
  • Do not decorate the bedrooms with indoor plants,coz fengshui wont allow this.
  • Place a water fountain which is an artificial in the southwest corner of the room,it removes the misunderstandings in the home.
  • Donot place pictures related to battles,wars warriors and destructions in the home.
Likewise by following simple remedies of fengshui,a lot of troubles can be avoided.
  • Place a big smiling photo of the couple in the south west corner of the bedroom.
  • Use dimn lights in the southwest corner of the home.


Grated raw coconut-1 cup
Fresh curds (thick)-2 cups
Oil 1tbsp
Mustard seeds1/2 tsp
Methi seeds a pinch
Redchillies 2 nos(slits)
Greenchillies 4 to 5 (slits)
Hing a pinch
Haldhi a pinch
Curry leaves a few
Mix grated raw coconut with curds and add salt.
Then place a kadai on the stove,add oil,after heating add the seasoning materials.
Switch it off after it crackles,let it cool for 5 min.
Add the seasoning to the curds and mix well.
It should be placed in fridge and should be cool in summer.
Or it may turn sour if it is kept outside for a long time.
I do this often whenever i have  more raw coconut.


Left over idlis turned as UPMA,i experimented with the left over idlis,and could succeed  with the taste of it.
Idlis 6 nos(crushed with a spoon)
Oil for seasoning2 tbsp
Ground nuts 1 tsp
Channa daal 1/2 tsp
Urad dal 1/2 tsp
Mustardseeds1/2 tsp
Redchillie 1no(slits)
Green chillies 4 nos(slits)
Curry leaves
Lemonjuice 1 tbsp
Salt a bit
Place a pan on the kadai,add oil to it.
After it is heated add the seasoning materials daals chilli slits etc.
Lastly add curry leaves.Mix well and finally add the crushed idli leftovers and salt.
Swich it off.Lastly add lime juice.
Serve hot in a plate.


Cashew nuts-1cup
Besan flour-1cup
Rice flour 1 tbsp
Mirchi powder1tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Ginger 1/2 piece finely chopped
Soda a pinch
Ghee 2 tsp(optional who follow diet )
Oil for deep frying
Mix besan flour,with rice flour,mirchi powder,salt ,jeera,soda,cashew nuts,chopped gingertogether,then heat ghee in a small pan piping hot,and pour into the mixture.Then mix altogether with water.Less water should be used.The mixed flour should be some what dry,and not fully wet.
Place a pan with oil on the stove and heat it.After heating,place the pakodas in small sizes and  fry till brown.
Serve hot  in a plate.

Same proceedure as jeedipappu pakodi but only instead of jeedipappu,add ground nuts to the flour.
Iexperimented the jeedi pappu pakodi,i could succeed with its taste,then i tried it with a bit of  verusanaga or palli pakodi.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Tomatoes chopped 1 large cup
Curds(fresh)-2 cups
Oil 1 1/2 tbsp
one and a half tbsp
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Red chillies 2(slits)
Green chillies 4(slits)
Methi seeds a pinch
Haldi a pinch
Salt to taste
Curry leaves a few
Corriander leaves a few(garnishing)
Hald qty used while cooking and remaining half qty gor garnishing.
Place a pan on the stove,add oil to it.
After the oil is heated add the red  chilli slits,mustard seeds,methi and jeera seeds.
When they crackle add green chilli slits ,curry leaves ,haldhi and chopped tomatoes pieces.
Toss it and add half cup of water and cook the tomatoe pieces in a low flame,with lid on it.
Cook until it is done,it may take 15 mins,then after it is cooked add salt and switch off the stove.
Add corriander leaves to it.
Let it cool.After it is cooled add to the curds and mix well.
Transfer in to a serving bowl,and garnish with remaining corriander leaves.

This dish is ideal with rice,can be used as side dish.Agood item prepared in house holds.Iprepare this in night dinners.



  • Spinach - 3/4 Cup
  • Cracked Wheat - 2 Cups
  • Water- 4 cups
  • Salt- To taste
For Seasoning:
  • Ghee/ Oil - 2 - 3 Tbspns
  • Jeera
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Pepper corns
  • Pepper
  • Hing/ Asafoetida
  • Curry Leaves
  • Green Chillies
  • Ginger


  • Take a cooker, add ghee to it. Once it is hot add cashew nuts, ginger, green chillies, jeera, pepper corns and also little pepper powder, hing, curry leaves. 
  • Now add spinach to it and cook for 5 mins. Now add 4 cups of water, and add cracked wheat and salt to taste.
  • Now close the lid of the cooker let it whistle 2-3 times. Switch off the stove.
  • You will have nice cracked wheat spinach pongal ready to enjoy.

It is  very healthy as you are getting fiber and iron through cracked wheat and spinach respectively.
Iam getting this recipe and photo, from my daughter Sri.


Barbottis(a variety in beans)chopped-2 cups
Grated raw coconut -1/2 cup
Urad dal 1 tsp
Red and green chillies slits
Curry leaves a fea
Hing a pinch
Place a kadai on the stove,add 1to 1 1/2  tbsp oil to it,then after heating add urad dal,red chillie slits and green chillie slits,saute for  a little while.Keep the stove in low flame.Then add curry leaves ,hing and lastly the chopped beans to it.Place a lid on this,and cook in a low flame stirring quite often.We place a plate containing of a half cup of water on the kadai ,so it will be cooked tender with the water vapour in it.
After it is cooked add salt,and switch off after 2 to 3 minutes.Place the lid again and completely let it cool for half an hour.After it is cooled add grated raw coconut and stir it.Transfer in to a serving bowl.

With very less oil and only boiled it is good food and healthy for elders and small children and acidity people.Once in a week i prepare this item.



Laughing makes a man live longer..every body know the fact.But we in our daily routine loose temper for every thing. Really speaking by laughing and living happy a person lives healthily.
  • The persons who suffer with hypertension,and High BP ,if they laugh instead of grumbling,then his hypertension will be reduced by his  laughing.
  • Daily if  a person laughs wholeheartedly for 25 times,then the good  result of exercising  of 15 min in a health gym will be received by his heart.
  • Although you dont laugh wholeheartedly,even an ironical or artificial laugh is also important for the health.
  • By laughing ,the hormones which are secreted by stress and strain in our body will be reduced.
  • Atleast daily one should keep a target to laugh atleast 25 times which is very good for heart.
  • Daily atleast spend 10 mins of  time with people who crack jokes,see comedy  movies,and comedy serials.
  • Show such comedy shows to elders in the home,which improves their health.