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Beauty a sweet word can be maintained well with 6 formulas
  • Health:The most essential word for beauty maintanance is the health.When health is upset then there is no use though  how much makeup you use. Health awareness is the foundation stone for beauty.
  • Maintanance of oral health is the 2nd formula.Personal hygiene ,oral cleanliness plays an important role.Walking and small exercises are good for health.
  • Intake of food ,a well balanced diet ,containing nutritional values in limited quantities  is an important formula .Beauty foods which regulates inner cleanliness like  Vegetables and fruits,buttermilk,will moisturize the skin thus giving soft and shiny texture .
  • Have regular medical checkups to avoid unhealthy ness.
  • Donot over exaust by work,limited work with regular intervels of rest is a formula.Leave aside fobias and tensions.Relax yourself with music ,comedy shows.Peace of mind, makes a persons face beautiful shining and attractive.
These 6 formulas are important for a human to maintain beauty,and looking beautiful.

  • Not only by using powders and facial creams a person can maintain his beauty.But the food also plays an important role in developing beautiful skin.
  • Fresh leafy vegetables,raw vegetables and fruits  intake will satisfy the requirement  of vitamins in the body,there by removing the vitamin defficiency.Therefore nutritional food is important for a person.
  • For the sake of the health if a person drinks only milk in more quantities,then the cholestrol problem arises and she turns obese.The vit A in the milk helps the skin not to get wrinkles.So milk should be drunk in recommended quantities only.
  • The foods such as daals pulses,vegetables and bananas contain vit-Bcomplex,these foods helps the skin not to loose the sensitivity.
  • These foods such as sweet lime,mango,tomatoes and leafy vegetables protects the underlayers of the skin,to be healthy
  • The purification in the blood also plays an  imp role in the skin beauty,so  thinking that only face creams improve the beauty is a myth.
  • Every time while washing the face donot use soap,coz the skin may become dry,wasing only with water ,and cool water bath improves the beauty of the skin,by relaxing it.
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