Friday, June 4, 2010


  • By having a regular oily head bath both physical and mental health will be good.
  • Tiredness will be relieved ,there by recharging    a new energy in the body.
  • The body will get sound sleep,there by bidding  a good bye to sleep disturbance.
  • Oil should be applied not only to the head,but apply to the body also.
  • It decreases the phlegm in the body,and good blood circulation will be done.
  • By applying oil and bath powder (say nalugu pindi)the skin will  get soft and shine.
  • By having  oily headbath ,the hair will loose its dirt ,lice.
  • Some will get rid of headaches ,burning problems in eyes,reduces the body temperature.
  • The hair will become strong,and healthy.
  • The body pores will be cleared from dirt and the sebacious glands can secrete the sweat secretion  freely.
  • The digestive problems will be cleared and the person will remain active.
  • Use luke warm water to wash the hair.
  • Mix rose petals in bath water.
  • Mix eaudecologne (a few drops)in a bucket of luke warm water.
  • Mix orange and sweet lime peels (which are soaked in water) to the water you bathe.
  • Last but not the least atleast mix a few mint leaves or corriander leaves to your bath water.
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