Thursday, June 3, 2010



  • The bedroom is the place where every one will  relax, sleep  and take rest,there by refreshing themselves and get ready for nextdays work.
  • The bed should not be placed exactly opposite to the door,and the bed should not be placed  beneath the opening window,or should not be placed in a corner of the room.And electronics related articles should not be kept in the bedrooms .
  • According to fengshui sleeping beneath  the window  causes the feeling of  insecurity.So change the bed position.If a window is placed quite opposite  to the bed or the bed is beneath the window,and when there is nosource to change the bed then,place venishing blends .
  • If the bed is quite opposite to the door,   then place a partition or cover the door or window  with a curtain.  The last option is the best one.
  • The matresses on the bed should be one and large.But when  there are 2 single matresses ,then no problem cover the 2 matresses with a single large bedsheet.Pink colour bedsheets are advised in the bedrooms.Or else use pink shades more in the bedroom.
  • The room should be neat and clean,dont throw old magazines and newspapers under the beds.And donot store empty powder tins,old clothes ,unused pillows ,bedsheets and ruggs.
  • The beds should be made with wood.But when  there are beds made with  iron,then donot bring electronic goods in to the bedroom.But when  there are electronic goods in bed rooms place them far from iron beds.
  • The electronic goods in bedrooms which release electro magnetic waves causes negative feelings.
  • Beds should be kept a little space away from walls .Never sleep placing  the head towards north.
  • The southwest room which is called nairuthimula is to be used by the owners of the house as bedroom.Use curtains colours which are nearer to shades of earth.Use natural and clear crystals if you find them in a fengshui stores.The whole family members will be happy by using them.
  • Use a chandeliar or crystal sphere coz it activates the good energy in the home which results good relations between the members in the home.
  • Place a couple of Mandrick ducks photo or toys in bedrooms southwest corner.Never keep a single ducks photo .
  • Donot place big photoes or pictures or idols of  god  in the bedroom ,place a very  very small picture of god, in the direction of east or north or north east wall,to see it first as one awakes in the morning.
  • Do not decorate the bedrooms with indoor plants,coz fengshui wont allow this.
  • Place a water fountain which is an artificial in the southwest corner of the room,it removes the misunderstandings in the home.
  • Donot place pictures related to battles,wars warriors and destructions in the home.
Likewise by following simple remedies of fengshui,a lot of troubles can be avoided.
  • Place a big smiling photo of the couple in the south west corner of the bedroom.
  • Use dimn lights in the southwest corner of the home.

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