In our homes,when children are there,we have to take lot of care regarding the electric switches and appliances,and other sharp edged articles.Some tips to be shared by mothers of small children are:
  1. Electric plug points,electric switches should be in a height, should be out of reach of children.When the switches  are not in use, then close them with plug points.
  2. Do not leave your children alone with pets like cats and dogs.
  3. Do not leave glass materials in bathrooms,in reach of children.Donot leave children alone near water.
  4. Store blades ,knives,scissors and rajors in closed almirahs.
  5. Children do like playing, with plastic covers and keeping their head in  plastic bags,keep them out of reach.
  6. Window guards should be arranged so that children wont fall down.
  7. If you have sharp edged dining table,then cover it with a tablecloth.
  8. Dont keep or forget small articles like screws ,nails etc on the floor.Children may keep them in the mouth or swallow them.
  1. Busy mothers:Give training to your children to keep their books according to the timetable they have and keep the school bag neatly.
  2. Train them to dress themselves,eat tiffin fully,and do remember and convey small messages if any.
  3. Give them potty training.
  4. Wash their uniform on sundays and do iron them.
  5. Preserve some extra notebooks,pens ,pencils etc.,in the home,and you need not run to market if any such things are required.
  6. Wash and polish shoes etc on sundays,and train them to do some.If proper training is given they will learn in a few months of time.
  7. Plan your childs tiffin and lunch box a day before.This will reduce your morning hurry and tension.
  8. If the clothes of you child are faded,discard them,or they may dont like them and feel bad to ware them.
  9. If any repairs regarding sizes are to be done to the clothes of your child,do them accordingly on holidays or spare time.
  10. Last but not the least spend quality of time with them playing and teaching.