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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


As everybody knows,a dining room is a room,where all family members dine together,though how busy they are.
  • Place a glass bowl of fruits, and prepared food on the dining table.
  • According to fengshui,place a big mirror on the wall in the opposite of dining table,which reflects fruits ,and  cooked food which were kept on the dining table .By this the food qtys kept on the table are doubled,which represents the financial stability of the house.
  • When the dining table is to be placed in a drawing room  in your house,then there is no problem,place  a partition between dining table and the main door.Or else you can place artificial plants or trees in between.
  • Dull and pale colours in the dining room makes a person dull,as such colours reduces the food intake.
  • Where as brighter shades when used makes the room quite attractive,there by creating an urge in you to spend some of  your quality of the time to spend there, feel hungry and want to eat.
  • And pictures and posters relating to food and fruits are to be fixed on the walls in the dining room,and avoid war scenes or wild animal pictures.
  • Regarding the chairs of the dining table,they should be spacious and big ,so that you can sit spaciously with hands resting on the dining table.
  • The dining table should be oval or round,avoid sharp edges.
  • Avoid junk food,and prepare tastily in the home.
  • Avoid pizzas and burgers.
  • Have fresh fruits and raw foods.
  • Place a mirror on the wall,so that the food kept on the dining table will be reflected in the mirror,which represents health and wealth.
  • Make it a habbit to dine together the family members atleast once in a day,which develops the unity in big and combined families.
  • Keep the fridge full with food.
  • Dimn lights are preferred.
  • Remove clocks and calemdes and have a pleasant meal.
  • Switch off the cells in a dining room
  • Soft music preferably instrumental can be played in a low voice.
  • Last but not the least,saying a prayer brings good energy in the room.
  • So take a minute time before beginning the meal for giving thanks to the abundance given by the god.
  • The dining room should not be placed under a bathroom (in the first floor)
  • Remove clutter and waste.

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