• Take headbath twice a week with shikakai with plenty of water ,massage your scalp slowly and thoroughly will warm castor oil or olive oil,before head bath.
  • Have a healthy diet which is nutritous.Have multivitamin supplements .Poor diet may be a cause for hair loss.
  • Have a good sleep of 7 hours.Avoid late night sleeping.
  • Stop worrying about hair loss.
  • Protein and iron rich diet are to be taken  daily.A  iron rich diet,iodine and vit -B are to be included .Defficiency of iodine in the body can slow down the blood circulation to the scalp,causing slow growth and falling hair.   
  • If dandruff is the cause for hair loss,take dandruff treatment.The best cure for dandruff is lime juice.Apply lime juice to the roots of your hair before one hour of headbath.
  • Take headbaths with a good shampoo and a volume building hairconditioner.Unclean scalp is responsible for hairloss.
  • Wash and clean the combs every time you have a headbath.
  • Include  raw vegetables ,leafy vegetables and fruits in your menu.
  • Apply conditioning henna to the hair once in a fortnight.
  • Even application and massage with coconut milk before headbath does wonders.
  • Stop worrying about hairloss,as this may cause more hair loss.
  • Apply herbal oils or ayurvedic oils.
  • A collection from beautician friends


  1. I would try these tips to get hair loss treatment. Thanks for giving these points.


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