• The people who have the habbit of snoaring in the sleep,often consider as watchman of  the house in the nights.Actually it is correct ,every body sleeping around a snoaring person ,cannot sleep in the night.
  • Snoaring persons while sleeping ,turn to the sides,then the snoaring will be reduced to some extent.Especially if they sleep towards left side,its good even for digestion.
  • If the people who snoar sleeps in a slanting position,the habbit of snoaring reduces. 
Drinking water in the early morning:
  • As soon as you wake up in the early morning,before natural calls,drink 1 to 2  big glasses of water,which is very good for health.
  • If this method is followed ,piles complaint,amoebiosis,typhoid,jaundice,obesity,indigestion,urinary infections,Bp,health problems related to ear, nose ,& throat,headache,sciatica,asthma,allergies etc.will not only be reduced but they will be controlled.If you  want to postpone the old age,observe this,and also drink water stored in a copper vessel.
Oil massage for feet:
  • If you are facing insomnia,lack of sleep,massage your feet ,with oil.
  • Even this massage  (with oil) will also be useful for people- who are having leg cramps,& burning sensation in legs,will  be relieved.
  • Relieves from tiredness, and lazyness.
  • Heals the cracks in the feet.
Date syrup:
  • Soak dried dates in water in the previous  night,and in the next  morning let children and eldersdrink them.By drinking the water they will be relieved from sunstroke.Deffects in the blood will be rectified,immunity system will be boosted ,TB and  motions,will be controlled .And fits and unconsciousness  etc, will be treated.Agood energy drink totally for children and elders.
Donot eat or drink too hot:
  • Somepeople has the habbit of eating or drinking while they are piping hot .If anyone eats rice in piping hot state,it may lead to burning of taste buds on the tongue, watering eyes, or running nose.
  • Donot drink or eat anything while they are piping hot.They reduce the stamina of the body.
  • Likewise also donot eat anything which is in icy cool condition .
  • Coughs & Cold  health problems arise if a person  is exposed to ice cubes or ice water.