Saturday, June 26, 2010


A few kitchen tips shared here:
  • To remove the skin from almonds easily,wash and soak in hot water for 15 minutes.
  • Shortage of chilllllllllllllled cool drinks to serve forunexpected guests.Then follow  this tip.Place cool drink bottles,in a large vessel.Add ice cubes in to the vessel,and add half a cup of salt in to  the ice,mix well,and keep the vessel in the fridge.In 5to 6minutes chilled drinks are ready.
  • Apply a little amount of lime juice,to the apple slice,immediately after slicing it.The colour will not turn black.
  • To store corriander leaves and pudina leaves for more days,store them in thin cloth and store in fridge.
  • While soaking rice and urad dal for dosas ,add 1 tsp of methi seeds,the dosas will be crispy.
  • While preparing for  noodles,after boiling the noodles drain off the hot water,and immediately add cool water to the noodles . They remain seperately,and they do not stick together.
  • To keep the paneer soft,after turning them in to paneer,immediately strain the water and add cool water,it will remain soft.
  • While popping up the pop corns,fry the freezer stored pop corns directly ,they pop up well.
  • Dont store aloo and onion together.Coz the aloo will spoil very fastly.
  • To keep the curds fresh without sourness,add water to the curd fully,then change the water daily and add new water.It willnot turn sour.
  • Vegetables can be stored fresh for many days,after reading your news paper,make paper bags by using stapler pins  and prepare a paper bag and store veg in it.Chop the veg before cooking,as all the nutrients will be lost if chopped very earlier.
  • Dont store your pickle with a stainless spoon with in,the pickle may be spoiled.
  • If tomatoes are not handy in the home,then instead of postponing the cooking add tomato sauce or tomato ketchup in your dish. It makes no differance.
  • If there is no milk cream for adding in to the soup or gravy,then beat butter and milk together and add it,this mixture acts as milk cream. 
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  1. useful tips!.. never knew milk cream can be made this way..
    lemon juice for apples.. i doubt about its taste..


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