Sunday, June 13, 2010


Karvepaku- 2 cups
(clean and wash several times,dry them on a cloth under shade.
In a day it will be dried)
Dhania-1 cup
Jeera-1/2 to 1 cup
as per your taste
Red chillies
Garlic pods
Place a pan on the stove,after heating ,dry roast
 karvepaku,dhanialu,jeera,redchillies  seperately.
Dry roast all the 4 items each and every one seperately.
Let it cool.
Dry grind  them in to a powder,lastly when it is
powdered add dry tamarind (without seeds)and again dry grind for a minute.
Lastly add garlic pods and salt and dry grind for half minute.
Store in a airtight container.
Tip:When you add garlic it wont stay fresh for more than 20 days.
So do every thing above as it is (except garlic) and store it in a
large bottle in your fridge,it remains for more than 3 months.
Place a few garlic pods and add a few spoons of karvepaku powder,
and dry grind and store in a small bottle which lasts for 10 days.
Like this you can eat it freshly by adding garlic for every 10 days.
Very good for digestion and health.
Ideal with hot rice and a spoon ful of ghee.

This is prepared in my in laws house,daily they start lunch  with
 2 spoons of this powder with ghee in it..

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