Friday, June 11, 2010


Kitchen-we can call it as- My secret of energy is my kitchen.We will spend atleast 3 to 4 hours daily in the kitchen.We have to adjust and place  the appliances as per fengshui.
  • Keep the kitchen well ventillated.
  • The colours should be in yellow,earth colour.By using the colours related to earth the digestion will be perfect and healthy .The food cooked in such place gives a good health.
  • Do not store clutter in the kitchen room.News papers,empty tins which are not useful should be removed .
  • Donot display sharp edged  knifes, and scissors,place them in drawes.Store spatulas,griddles etc should be kept in a closed almirahs.
  • The positive good energy of luck-CHI should not be abrupted by any sharp edges donot keep sharp edged utensils or objects in open.
  • Do not place the stove very near or quite opposite to water tap or fridge.Coz the friction in between the hot and cool energys between fire and water,will lessen the positive good energy,there by the effects will be reflected on the person who is cooking there ,and also on the food. So to lessen the effects place a small wood partition between water tap and stove, between fridge and stove.
  • The stove  should not be placed before a bathroom,or quite opposite to a bathroom, but if is placed like that...donot worry,there is a solution according to fengshui.See that the bathroom door will be closed automatically,arrange spring door.Place a small pot of atleast artificial flowering plant on the side of  bathroom door. 
  • Stove should not be placed exactly opposite to main door,but if it is placed like that..the solution is arrange a convex mirror outside the main entrance.
  • Keep the stove away from window.
  • Use your stove as much as possible.The stove is the symbolic of wealth.Maintain  colours of  greenery related to appliances.The stove represents your ability to maximise your potential.The more often you cook the easier it will be to take advantage of oppurtunities for health and wealth.
  • Keep fresh food out for people to enjoy.Abowl of fresh fruits can be kept .
Like wise we can transform our kitchens in to a fengshui kitchens.

Collection from magazines.

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  1. Stove should not be placed exactly opposite to main door,but if it is placed like that..the solution is arrange a convex mirror outside the main entrance. feng shui


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