Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Laughing makes a man live longer..every body know the fact.But we in our daily routine loose temper for every thing. Really speaking by laughing and living happy a person lives healthily.
  • The persons who suffer with hypertension,and High BP ,if they laugh instead of grumbling,then his hypertension will be reduced by his  laughing.
  • Daily if  a person laughs wholeheartedly for 25 times,then the good  result of exercising  of 15 min in a health gym will be received by his heart.
  • Although you dont laugh wholeheartedly,even an ironical or artificial laugh is also important for the health.
  • By laughing ,the hormones which are secreted by stress and strain in our body will be reduced.
  • Atleast daily one should keep a target to laugh atleast 25 times which is very good for heart.
  • Daily atleast spend 10 mins of  time with people who crack jokes,see comedy  movies,and comedy serials.
  • Show such comedy shows to elders in the home,which improves their health.

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