Tuesday, June 15, 2010


To look beautiful,and specially one among a group,is a desire of every young lady.
Not only expensive silk sarees and jewels,make them special ,but a proper makeover
with perfect makeup will also survive the purpose.Likewise a few beauty tips are accumilated
and given here.
  • Before makeup wash your face and neckwith cold water,and if it is rainy water its well and good.Use a good soap.
  • Use a concealer which is nearer to your skin colour.
  • Use water proof " penstick".
  • Use pleasantly  light fragrant  powder and scent.Your pleasant  fragrant clothes will make you feel cool and garden fresh amongst all.
  • Apply foundations and creams in a less quantity.
  • Dip eye liner brush ,and let it dry for 3 seconds ,then apply on the lashes,to avoid spreading.
  • Apply a special moisturising pomade stick on your lips before applying lipstick.
  • See that there is a matching  between eyeshade,lipstick and clothes,and also accessories.
  • Use hair spray to set the hairstyle,coz it protects the hairstyle from being disturbed. Use hair pins wherever it is necessary.Use plenty of flowers,they exaggerate the beauty.
  • Pin up carefully saree ,with lahenga and chunni while wearing sarees.
  • See that you carry tissue paper ,along with powder,puff and lipstick in your hand bag.
  • A collection from books

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