Saturday, June 26, 2010



When any incidance or dispute is occured ,ladies do get anger, anxiety, and stress which leads to many health  problemsand stress,fatigue which leads to discoloured and unhealthy look.Then all that you have to do is:
  • Relax for 15 minutes,and rectify the causes which caused  dispute and anger.
  • Dont over think on any matter which causes mental fatigue.
  • Go away from the person who is the main cause for your mental disturbance,for 1 or 2 hrs.Then when you recollect the whole incidance,you may realize the facts.
  • You disclose your intentions only with whom you are close,then you may get relaxed from the situation and you may get the problem solved. 
  • And if you are not compromised with the problem,read any of your interesting novel,or watch any comedy show.Do not indulge or donot cross the limits in scolding.
  • Relax yourself with stress release techniques with the advice of your doctor,and do not worry  yourself over the dispute.
Likewise control and heal yourself,with the help of yoga or relaxing techniques and lead a happy life.

  • Atleast 30 % of your income or salary should be saved for month endings unexpected expenses.
  • SAVING is the first expense you have to incur (you have to keep a amount to save) in the  first day of the month.Maintain a list to purchase,and also a list of expenditures,so that you can minimize the waste expenses.
  • Prepare a list while you go for shopping,and purchase only the list of items you prepared.
  • Monthly expenditure should  be less than the income,and loans should not be encouraged.
  • Purchasing of materials and furniture in instalments is not to be encouraged.
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