Friday, June 18, 2010


The whole universe is protected by God,a puja room is a place where we pray and meditate on God who is protecting us.This is the place where we do meditate and do  japas and archanas.Likewise by creating a pleasant and sacred atmosphere in a puja room,and do our daily prayers,we do have many advantages.
There are a few tips to be shared;
  • The puja room is to be located in the north east of the home,which we call in telugu as Eeshanya mula..That is in the north east corner of the house.If puja room is in right place,you will feel charged and rejuvenated after puja and meditation,and the mind will be calm without wandering into different places at the time you sit to worship. Do not place heavy home mandirs in north east room..if mandir is too heavy then place in the center of north or east in north east room..we can place even in north or east rooms,but plz chk that its not too heavy and crowded in that place.
  • The photoes of the dead ancestors should not be placed in the puja room.
  • The idols and pictures of the God should be placed in the north side or east side of the room.The person who is doing puja should face either east or north direction.
  • The puja room should not be placed near the toilet,and there should not be a toilet adjacent,above the puja room,or below a puja room.
  • Puja room should not be built under a stair case, nor a basement.
  • The deepam should be placed on the left hand side of the God.(on our right hand side)
  • Avoid clutter and empty tins and empty sachets of haldhi kumkum,in the puja room.A puja room  should be absolutely clean.
  • A pujapat place should not be in the bedroom
  • A ventilator is a must in a puja room.
  • The walls should be painted in white,or light yellow.
  • Cupboard should be placed in the south or west direction in a puja room
  • Apuja room is meant for puja,do not make it a store room
  • Apuja room should not be created under a bathroom.
  •  A puja room should not be placed under the beams of the house. 
  • By worshipping god, by facing  the east,Turpu eeshanyam,then riches & good name and fame will be  earned,by the family is important to gain positive energies to connect to god.
  • Where as worshipping God by  placing in the north,wealth will be accumulated.
  • By using scented flowers for puja,a sweet fragrance of flowers is spread in the house which  acts as aroma therapy,thereby clearing the diseases.
  • Bell should not be hung in a puja room.
  • The roof should be low when compared to the remaining rooms,for this false ceiling will be helpful. 
  • The deepam and agarbathis,and harathi karpuram ,sambrani dhupam which will be lit in the puja time,removes the negative bad energy,there by welcoming a positive and good energy in the home.
  • Likewise spending atleast 15 mins of time in worshipping in a sacred place which is related to fengshui,called as a puja room removes all the obstacles in the life,thereby welcoming prosperity.


  1. interesting post!
    never gave a thought to such aspects!

  2. very helpful and clear information

  3. In my pooja room in the NE part house beam is there. What to do for that or it is OK.


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