Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Raw mango pulp 1 glass
Sugar 1 1/2 glass
Salt a pinch
For mixing in juice:
Roasted jeera powder a pinch
Blend 1 glass of chopped mango pieces in a blender.
Add sugar and mango paste ,add 1 glass of water and
boil them,in low flame,for 10  min.Bring it in to
 madhya pakam, so that it will remain for 15 days .
After 10 min switch off the stove.And store the syrup
in a fridge after cooling.
Take 2 tbsp of concentrated juice in a glass add chilled water,
a pinch of jeera powder,and ice cubes,and serve chilled.
My mother used to prepare this in summers, and also mango jam.

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