We all know about SRI VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM,the great ness of the sthothram.The One and unique of sthothras,which believers believe that regular chanting of hymn can accrue benefits.Daily once or twice if one recite this sthothram,it benefits him a lot.It protects him  in the day to day life from all disturbances and stressful life.Vishnu sahasram is a protection shield,it acts as a protection shield to the families who recite them daily.It takes hardly 15 minutes to recite for one time.So sparing a 15 min of our precious time in the seva of Srimannarayana is nothing but depositing punya in the bank of spirituality.You can refer for the meaning of the sthothram here in the link .

If you donot find time for reciting the sthothram listen  through audio.Or else in the busy life if you cant spare that much time here is a remedy.Iam giving some of the namaas from vishnu sahasram which have a lot of benefits in store of recite daily for 41 days (a mandala).
I n the given list of vishnu sarasra namas ,select any nama according to your requirement .Sit relaxedly east facing  and recite the nama 108 times for 41 days and acquire the benefits ---Daily snanam chesi 1 time vishnu sahasranamanni chadivi inka aa paina,eppudu teerika unte appudu a vishnu rupanni manassu lo nilupukuni thama thamaku saripoyina namanni manthram ga mananam chesukovalannamata.

  1. Aum sree sarvapraharanayuddha ha--{Sarva graha peeda nivruthhiki mariyu prashantha manassuku }  
  2. Aum vashatkaraya namaha--{for success in business,visa interviews,building relationships,karya sidhhi  koraku}
  3. Aum sree vibhavanaya namaha--{for wealth}
  4. Aum paramathmane namaha--{for self employed ,for promotions,success in games}
  5. Aum sree sokanashanaya namaha--{dukhha nivruthhiki}
  6. Aum aksharaya namaha--{for education  & better financial strength}
  7. Aum sree dhuswapna nashanaya  namaha--{peeda kalalu manadaniki}
  8. Aum bhutha bhavanaya namaha--{for better health  }
  9. Aum puthathmane namaha--{to remove mental stress & to have mental peace}
  10. Aum sreemathe namaha--{for handsome appearance & wealth}
  11. Aum narasimhavapushe  namaha--{apadallo unnappudu smarinchandi}
  12. Aum kshethragnaya namaha--{to purchase & own plots and houses   }
  13. Aum bhuthadaye  namaha--{to amend sound friendship or any personal relation ship}
  14. Aum dhhathre namaha--{santhana prapthi koraku}
  15. Aum vidhhathre namaha--{Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies}
  16. Aum vishvaya namaha--{shubha phalithamula koraku}
  17. Aum vishnave namaha--{kirthi prathishtala koraku}
  18. Aum bhuthakruthe namaha--{for children}
  19. Aum bhavaya namaha--{buddhi balam koraku}
  20. Aum bhuthathmane namaha--{pranashakthi pempondinchenduku}
  21. Aum bhuthabhavane namaha--{manasika vikasam koraku}
  22. Aum bhutha bhavyabhavathprabhave namaha--{health,success koraku}
  23. Aum bhuthabhruthe namaha--{for  health and wealth} 
Likewise select a nama according to your will and do recite mentally or do manasika japa ....


  1. interesting post....informative. thanks madam

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  3. Visa interview pass ka mantra matched?

  4. Pranamam,
    Very informative and excellent information about the benefits of chanting Vishnu Sahasranama stotram.
    Here I would like to share more information about the Vishnu Sahasranamam.


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