Sunday, June 20, 2010


  • Vamu-Ajwain,it is a good medicine from kitchen.Improves digestion,reduces vomittings,and stomach aches caused by indigestion.Also useful to clear heart problems.
  • Vamu,when dissolved in half glass of water,add a pinch of salt and when drunk the vommitings that caused by indigestion will be stopped.
  • Vamu,dhania,jeera-roast these three ingredients, powder them,add water and boil them for 15 to 20 min in low flame.Strain the decoction and take it as a medicine,for fever.Dont avoid medicines,along with medicines drink this kashayam.
  • Vamu,pepper,salt -take equal parts and powder them,store it.Take 1/2 tsp before meals,the indigestion will be cured.
  • Vamu,pepper -fry these 2 with a tsp of cowghee,add salt and store it.Daily while having meals,take 1 to 2 tsp of this mixture with a handful of cooked rice,and eat alongwith meals.In a short span your indigestion or gastric trouble will be cleared.
  • Vamu,have a tsp of vamu in the mouth,chew it and retain it in your mouth.The juice of vamu will clear the throat problems. 


  1. Those are very useful health tips!
    i rarely use ajwain in my cooking.. now on i'll use it more often !

  2. Good tips. But it would have been great had you mentioned whether vamu as whole is used or as powder - especially for vamu water (for indigestion and vomitings)

  3. Vamu can be used in either way.

  4. really u have given good tips that we are forgetting....!
    thank u so much lakshmi garu..!


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