Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Aratikaya bajji,is also a favourite snack of most of the people .It is a safe snack when prepared occassionally in home,which is liked by children very much..Moreover being a rainy season every body crave for some hot snack at tea time..

Besan flour 1 cup
Rice flour 2 tbsp
Eating soda a pinch
Aratikaya (round thin slices)
(Raw banana is peeled off and sliced
in to thin rounds as we do for chips)
Oil for deep frying
Mix besan powder along with rice flour ,salt and soda .Now pour water in the
mixture and mix well ,the batter should be thick in consistancy.
Place a pan with oil on the stove,and after the oil is heated,now dip the banana slices in the batter ,and place them in the hot oil one by one.At a time 6 to 8 bajjis can be fried depending on the size of the pan.Deep fry till brown colour and remove them and place on a tissue paper.
If u like u can eat away with some chutney or tomato sauce.Where as if u want to stuff onion just like the bajji in chat bhandars,then u can stuff in this manner.
For stuffing:
Finely chopped onion pieces 1 cup
Red chilli powder 1/4 th tsp
Lime juice 1 tsp
kothmeer a few leaves
Cut prepared bajji in to half(dont seperate it in to 2 halves)
Then stuff onion mixture in to it and place in a bowl.Like wise stuff  the onion mixture in to the bajjis and serve them..It will be as good as u found in chatbhandars..
This dish is straightly from my sister padmapriyas kitchen


  1. stuffed bajji is new to me.. sounds interesting.

  2. oh my god ,bajjilu na favorite ,ithiki chustuntene na noru urrutundi ...i can have then anytime anywhere kantigaru


  3. crispy and yummy.. perfect 4 rainy days, liked the stuffing.. nice recipe

  4. delicious and beautiful bajji looks so good

  5. delicious and mouth watering bajjis.

  6. thanks Kanthi garu.... I am so happy to see so many comments on my blog today......meeru rathna vala mother kadandi... chala chala happy ga feel avutunanu... to get compliments from you. Aritikaya bhajjilu adurs, noru ooripotundi...

    There is lot more to learn from you andi...........

  7. Supperrrrrr...Noru ooripothundi..


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